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Sunday, March 25, 2018


Hello.....does this mic work? Check one....two...three......

Listen guys,

I had NO idea I would be gone as long as I was....I started by taking a short break from blogging....then I took a break from IG...and stayed unplugged for almost a year!!! In that year, I have undergone a lot of changes in my personal life and gotten much more in tune with myself. I have finally let go of a lot of the emotional baggage I was carrying from past traumas and have been tip toeing my way back into being more active on my IG. I don't plan to come back as a full time blogger because I just don't have that kind of time anymore but I did want to come and at least give you guys an update on where I was, what I've been doing, and what I plan to do from here.

A lot of you may know that aside from being a fashionista, I am a voracious reader. In the year that I was gone...I joined a bookclub, started a book blog and I have created an IG page for the book blog as well. Reading and literature has always been one of my biggest passions and blogging about books was much more fulfilling for me than fashion blogging. If you love to read Come check out the book blog, IG page, or my Facebook Fan Page for the book blog.

In the meantime, I will drop by here from time to time with a few fashion looks and also some beauty posts as well for those of you interested in beauty.

Recently, I celebrated my 5 year wedding anniversary. Here are a few pics from that celebration:

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Skirt- Burlington Coat Factory (last year)....Top - Agaci + (old)...clutch...Boohoo (old)

Dress - City Chic Click Here to Purchase

Kimono- City Chic (sold out, old)
Belt - City Chic (sold out)

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Until Next Time,


Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Anniversary Cruise

Hey guys,

I have been just relaxing and enjoying life. I haven't bought very many new clothing hence the reason for my lack of blogging. Honestly this year I'm focused on saving money so that I can collect more experience and less "things". I really have only been buying home decor items and makeup since the New Year.

Recently, Hubby and I celebrated 4 years of marriage. These 4 years have come with a lot of growth, more than a few trials, and several big life changes......becoming homeowners, changing careers, etc. Through it all I wouldn't want to go through any of my best or worst moments without him by my side. Here are a few pics from our anniversary cruise to Cozumel. I hope you enjoy!!!!

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Until Next Time,

Monday, February 13, 2017

The Budget Friendly Valentine's "Bro-Quet" For Your Mate

I am still on my DIY kick and my money saving kick as you guys can see. This year I decided to do something different and make my Husband a bouquet of his favorite things....hence the name "bro-quet".  I'm not the one that requires him to go in debt for one day to "prove" the love that he shows me year round and I surely don't want to spend a ton of money on one day either especially when we have a wedding anniversary right around the corner.

I love this gift because it is thoughtful and useful as he can use the Budweiser Ice Bucket in the future after he has eaten all of the treats that came out of it. Because he is also a gamer I thought it would be super personal to include a card that was gaming related. Needless to say he was more than pleased (and yes I gave it to him early it was burning a hole in my closet!)

This entire gift basket costed me less than 40.00 for all supplies but his reaction was priceless!!!!

Supplies Needed To Make it: 

Bucket or Cup (I got mine from Ebay)
Tissue Paper and Paper Shreds (optional)  (I got both from Dollar Tree)
Styrofoam (I got mine from Dollar Tree) 
Hot Glue Gun/Glue Sticks (I had one in the house already)
Skewers (reg size and extra tall size) (I got mine from Fred's and Party City)
Anything you want to include in the basket.
Custom Card (Etsy)

All I did was fill the bucket with styrofoam, cover the styrofoam with tissue paper, and proceeded to hot glue all items to the skewers before I placed the skewers in the styrofoam. I used the taller skewers at the back of the bouquet so it could get gradually taller. I added the paper shreds after it was finished to cover any remaining gaps/holes. 

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If you are having trouble thinking of a creative idea for Valentine's or any special day consider making one of these for someone you love. They will LOVE it I promise!

Until Next Time,

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Valentine's Wreath- DIY

This year you guys will be seeing a lot more than just fashion on the blog. I want this blog to encompass more of my lifestyle.  Over the years my interests have evolved and I'm into fashion, beauty, DIY/Home Decor, Books,etc and I want to start incorporating more about my interests outside of fashion on the blog as well. For the longest I feared that my fashion readers would not be interested in other facets of my life.  I hope you guys don't mind the shifting of gears here.

Last year I started decorating my door for every season, and if you're not careful you can go overboard with spending especially for fairly new Homeowners like myself. I'm sure as the years go by my door decor stash will build itself up, but for now I'm starting from scratch with every new season that rolls around.

I decided to save money by turning my DIY Christmas wreath into a DIY Valentine's Wreath. While I was in Kroger grocery shopping last night, I noticed a cute red tinsel wreath. I knew it would be too small for my door but I got the idea to put it on a wreath I have already. I got home, took my poinsettias off my Christmas wreath, and placed the new heart tinsel wreath on my wreath using green ornament hangers, since I didn't have any wire at home. The ornament hangers were green so they aren't visible at all. I also got two heart tinsel table toppers to coordinate with my wreath.  My doorway is covered so I don't have to worry about weather conditions affecting the table toppers.

I was very pleased with the outcome and the revamp of my door entry costed me less than 20 bucks altogether!!!!! In the future I plan to show pics of my step by step by step process when doing DIYs. How are you saving money in the New Year? What DIY projects are you working on?

I searched Kroger for the direct link to the items I found but I was unable to find them so I will link similar items. Your best bet is to go into your local Craft Store, Grocery Stores, Dollar Tree stores etc to get the best deals. 

Heart Wreath - (similar here)
Heart Tinsel Table Topper - (similar here)

Until Next Time, 

Friday, January 20, 2017

First Makeup Palette Purchase of 2017

As you guys probably have noticed, in the past year and a half I've gotten much more into makeup and beauty than ever before. At first, I used to buy every new trendy item that came out but going into this New Year I'm going to be saving a LOT more money and trying to limit my makeup purchases to things that are MUST HAVE items for me (things that aren't a duplicate of something else I own) or things I've used completely up and need to replace.

The company Coloured Raine has been around for some time and I've been a customer since their lipstick Arabian Knight was the hot thing in the makeup streets. Since then the company has evolved a lot and until very recently were mostly known for their liquid lipsticks. They came out with an eyeshadow line in 2016 but because a lot of the shadows look similar to ones I already own, I opted out. Then on Black Friay they dropped THIS BABY....the Coloured Raine Queen of Hearts Palette.

The color scheme is like no other palette I own at the moment and it was also a great way to test out the Coloured Raine eyeshadow quality. The only thing I wish was that the printed sleeve was not removable. The beautiful sleeve glides off and leaves you with a black eyeshadow case similar to a MAC palette. The shadows themselves are all SO creamy, gorgeous, and pigmented and I don't regret my purchase at ALL.

Since I am new to incorporating beauty on the blog I didn't do swatches I was more or less making you guys aware of this palette (because it's SO underrated right now) and I wanted to share a pic of my unboxing. If you want product swatches in the future on other beauty products let me know!!!!

What makeup have you purchased so far in 2017? What are your must haves for right now?

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Get It Here:

Until Next Time,

Monday, January 9, 2017

Burgundy + Fur + Life Update


When I was preparing for the Holidays I had no idea what was to come. On Christmas Day, my biological Father passed away as well well as my Aunt. These two in addition to the fact that I lost my Stepdad six months ago.........2016 was a tough tough year for me. It reflected in my blogging consistency, and every other facet of my life. Thank you guys so much for bearing with me through 2016.

2016 had some amazing moments, but the tragedies almost overshadowed the memories I made. I'm hoping and looking forward to a better year this year all around. I want to be a better wife, daughter, sister, friend, and blogger. I want to live a life filled with more purpose than ever before because I've lost so much that was dear to me.  There is so much I want to work on in this year but I am going to implement small changes and let it have a snowball effect to bring about big changes....mentally, physically, and spiritually. I sincerely hope that any of you going through similar life changes have a blessed and prosperous 2017. All we can do is take it one day at a time.

Now on to the look....this dress was sent to me from Eshakti and I adore the color. Since I've been a redhead for a few months now I thought it was a perfect compliment. The best thing is the pockets! Who doesn't love dresses with pockets? The fabric is heavy but the only con for me is that it wrinkles easily. I love the wrap style because it flatters the fuller sized body and I love the fact that you can customize the sleeves. I requested a 3/4 length so that I can wear this dress in every season.The biggest plus is that it doesn't drag the ground (I'm only 5'2) but for my taller ladies you guys can also customize the length as well.

My favorite part of this look is the gorgeous faux fur stole. I have never had a black one and I feel like this one is so versatile!! It comes in a cream color too. It was VERY warm because we have had some unusually cold weather here in MS. If you are needing a faux fur stole that keeps you warm and looks luxurious this is the ONE. The photos do it NO justice it's even more gorgeous in person! The clutch is old but classic.

Dress- c/o Eshakti (Get It Here)
Faux Fur Stole- c/o Chic and Curvy (Get It Here)
Clutch- Old (Similar Here)

Until Next Time,

Monday, November 28, 2016

Shreds and Sequins- Thanksgiving Recap

On Thanksgiving, once again I was responsible for all of the cooking and baking. My Husband is VERY picky so to keep down confusion I just cooked everything. Needless to say after 2 days of almost nonstop and baking....when it was actually time to eat, my only objective was comfort. I also wanted something flowy because I knew I was going to be super full and didn't want to be tugging at my clothes all day.

I decided to rock this netted top from Chic and Curvy. It was very easy to throw on and wear.....the shredded details gave it a little pizzazz unlike regular kimonos......I decided to rock some leopard flats...and a sequin bag to make it a little more festive. I was very chic and comfortable all day and got tons of compliments. If you are looking for a flowy top for the Holidays make sure you get this one. It comes in different colors too!!! At the time I got this it also came in Olive and Off White. It's a MUST HAVE.

Leggings- Old 
Flats- Lane Bryant (old) 
Bag- Aldo (old) 

Until Next Time,