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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Anniversary Cruise

Hey guys,

I have been just relaxing and enjoying life. I haven't bought very many new clothing hence the reason for my lack of blogging. Honestly this year I'm focused on saving money so that I can collect more experience and less "things". I really have only been buying home decor items and makeup since the New Year.

Recently, Hubby and I celebrated 4 years of marriage. These 4 years have come with a lot of growth, more than a few trials, and several big life changes......becoming homeowners, changing careers, etc. Through it all I wouldn't want to go through any of my best or worst moments without him by my side. Here are a few pics from our anniversary cruise to Cozumel. I hope you enjoy!!!!

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Until Next Time,


  1. Happy anniversary to you both, the Mrs is such a HOTTIE!!

  2. Happy anniversary lady!your hair always looks so pretty, do you mind sharing where you purchase it from?

    1. Thank you!!!!! This is actually some recycled hair I purchased from's the course yaki that I had made into a unit.

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