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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Valentine's Wreath- DIY

This year you guys will be seeing a lot more than just fashion on the blog. I want this blog to encompass more of my lifestyle.  Over the years my interests have evolved and I'm into fashion, beauty, DIY/Home Decor, Books,etc and I want to start incorporating more about my interests outside of fashion on the blog as well. For the longest I feared that my fashion readers would not be interested in other facets of my life.  I hope you guys don't mind the shifting of gears here.

Last year I started decorating my door for every season, and if you're not careful you can go overboard with spending especially for fairly new Homeowners like myself. I'm sure as the years go by my door decor stash will build itself up, but for now I'm starting from scratch with every new season that rolls around.

I decided to save money by turning my DIY Christmas wreath into a DIY Valentine's Wreath. While I was in Kroger grocery shopping last night, I noticed a cute red tinsel wreath. I knew it would be too small for my door but I got the idea to put it on a wreath I have already. I got home, took my poinsettias off my Christmas wreath, and placed the new heart tinsel wreath on my wreath using green ornament hangers, since I didn't have any wire at home. The ornament hangers were green so they aren't visible at all. I also got two heart tinsel table toppers to coordinate with my wreath.  My doorway is covered so I don't have to worry about weather conditions affecting the table toppers.

I was very pleased with the outcome and the revamp of my door entry costed me less than 20 bucks altogether!!!!! In the future I plan to show pics of my step by step by step process when doing DIYs. How are you saving money in the New Year? What DIY projects are you working on?

I searched Kroger for the direct link to the items I found but I was unable to find them so I will link similar items. Your best bet is to go into your local Craft Store, Grocery Stores, Dollar Tree stores etc to get the best deals. 

Heart Wreath - (similar here)
Heart Tinsel Table Topper - (similar here)

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  2. You did a good job and I love it. Enjoy!

  3. You DID that! I love how you revamped your Christmas wreath into a Valentine's Day wreath! And the table toppers really set the doorway off. Love it! You are so creative.

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