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Friday, January 20, 2017

First Makeup Palette Purchase of 2017

As you guys probably have noticed, in the past year and a half I've gotten much more into makeup and beauty than ever before. At first, I used to buy every new trendy item that came out but going into this New Year I'm going to be saving a LOT more money and trying to limit my makeup purchases to things that are MUST HAVE items for me (things that aren't a duplicate of something else I own) or things I've used completely up and need to replace.

The company Coloured Raine has been around for some time and I've been a customer since their lipstick Arabian Knight was the hot thing in the makeup streets. Since then the company has evolved a lot and until very recently were mostly known for their liquid lipsticks. They came out with an eyeshadow line in 2016 but because a lot of the shadows look similar to ones I already own, I opted out. Then on Black Friay they dropped THIS BABY....the Coloured Raine Queen of Hearts Palette.

The color scheme is like no other palette I own at the moment and it was also a great way to test out the Coloured Raine eyeshadow quality. The only thing I wish was that the printed sleeve was not removable. The beautiful sleeve glides off and leaves you with a black eyeshadow case similar to a MAC palette. The shadows themselves are all SO creamy, gorgeous, and pigmented and I don't regret my purchase at ALL.

Since I am new to incorporating beauty on the blog I didn't do swatches I was more or less making you guys aware of this palette (because it's SO underrated right now) and I wanted to share a pic of my unboxing. If you want product swatches in the future on other beauty products let me know!!!!

What makeup have you purchased so far in 2017? What are your must haves for right now?

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Get It Here:

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  2. I am due for a new eyeshadow palette in my life. I have basically been using the same two maybelline eyeshadow palettes along with some nyx and mac singles for a while. Now you make me want to go grab this one up! I haven't heard much about it, so I'm glad you put me on! These colors are so beautiful!

  3. I need this palette in my life. I have been holding back for too long!

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