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Thursday, June 2, 2016

MAC x 15 Custom Palette

Last Summer, I started incorporating a few beauty posts here and there on the blog. Aside from fashion, I am a makeup enthusiast and I love love love lipstick and eyeshadows. I will start posting a few of my purchases and beauty looks on the blog for those of you who may be interested. This MAC X 15 Palette is my latest obsession.

Some of you may know and for the ones who don't, MAC had reduced the price of their refill pans to $6.00. I was totally geeked about and have been building custom MAC Palettes for work, travel, etc as it will be so much easier to transport than my normal clam-shell packaged MAC shadows. I am in love with this palette and the total cost was less than 100 bucks to get colors I truly love.

I know there are pre-made palettes out there that are much cheaper, but for me, a lot of times with pre-made palettes I only like a few colors and never use the rest. With these I know that I will get full use out of every color and I can replace them when they hit pan. I can't wait to share more custom palettes in the future and also more beauty purchases.

Here are the colors I chose:

Top row left to right: soft brown, sushi flower, paradisco, cranberry, beauty marked
Middle row left to right: bronze, passionate, coral, sketch, carbon
Bottom row left to right: satin taupe, handwritten, fig 1, deep damson , black tied

Until Next Time, 


  1. I love your palette choices. I could work with all of them.

  2. I love your palette choices. I could work with all of them.

  3. I have to agree with you that a custom palette might be a little more expensive but they are worth it because I end up not using some of the colours in pre-made palettes.

  4. I am sooo gonna copycat this palette. I've been looking for a pink/red themed one that doesn't have all those bright white and highlighty pink shades they always put in the pre-mades. As someone with a more tan complexion, I rarely ever touch those super light colors. This is such a pretty and functional looking combo.

    1. Thank you for dropping by I need to make more makeup posts!


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