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Monday, June 8, 2015


Hey guys,

How are you? As you know before and awhile after Mother's Day I had been in an emotional rut. I felt like I was going through the motions with everything from work to blogging but now I am getting back to feeling like myself again. When I feel my best I tend to gravitate towards brighter colors....I guess because I'm a Summer baby the sun just makes me happy.

My Husband knew I had been feeling this way so he took a surprise day off work on this day and we both got all dressed up and painted the town. I was feeling so good when we were passing by this location, we decided to stop and shoot en route to our destination and the pictures really captured how happy I felt this day.

I shopped my closet for this look and pulled this colorblock peplum top I've had at least 4 or 5 years out and wore it tucked into this gorgeous maxi skirt. I love this skirt so much I have it in two colors and want it in one more but I think I'm just being excessive. To keep the brights theme going I wore an orange lipstick with my makeup look.

This skirt is 40 percent off today on the site so hit that link and grab you one!

Top- Eddy and Bri (super old) 
Maxi Skirt - Fashion To Figure (Get it Here)
Lippie: Mac Morange Lipstick + Mac Plum Liner 

Until Next Time,


  1. Whew, sassy and vibrant girl!! I love this on you! I'm a summer baby as well, birthday is actually the end of June! It's good to know you're feeling better about things. I think we all get in those ruts at times, but the key is not to remain there. Looking forward to seeing more from you :)

    1. Thanks Kishina!!!! Mine is at the end of July I'm counting down now!!!! Yes we do and you are so right!!! I hope to keep my blogging momentum back on the ups this Summer hopefully lollll

  2. This outfit is happiness personified and you look lovely.

  3. Wow ! I could wear this outfit head to toe . love it

  4. Wow ! I could wear this outfit head to toe . love it


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