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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Beyonce Inspired Plus Size Fashion Finds

I'm sure pretty mostly everyone has seen the recent photos that Beyonce has been putting up on her Tumblr. The outfits were so fab and the candids of her and Blue Ivy were adorable as always. One of the outfits that I saw was so cute and I immediately remembered some pieces I've seen recently in plus size that were similar to the ones she wore. Check out the look and the pieces I found below:

Skirt- (Get It Here)
Shoes - Get Them Here

I hope you guys find this helpful!

Until Next Time,


  1. Oh stop it!! I LOVE this!! Added to shopping cart!! xx

  2. Fabulous! Love the recreation hun!

  3. Nice selections; that grey knit skirt is gorgeous.

  4. Funny, I thrifted a similar skirt in red some years back and still have it. Fashion really goes around and around lol


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