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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Birds Of A Feather

You ever eye an article of clothing forever and hope that the price goes down just because you don't want to pay retail price for it? That's how I was with this was 42.00 retail price and because I had already purchased a million maxis this Summer I couldn't justify paying almost 50 bucks for another maxi I truly didn't need...but when Fashion To Figure had their first annual Semi-Annual Sale and it went on sale for 14.99 and it was only left in my size, I knew the fashion Gods had answered my prayers.

Needless to say, I snatched it up with the quickness and once I saw how beautiful and vibrant it was I was SO glad I didn't pass up on this beauty, The dress is a statement alone so I added my favorite black blazer and threw in a coordinating clutch to finish off my look.
Blazer- Forever 21 
Dress- Fashion To Figure- (Get It Here) or (Get It Here)
Clutch- (similar here)


  1. You look Fabulous in this dress and I love it. Enjoy!

  2. Gorgeous dress! Love the vibrant colors!

  3. Gorgeous dress, love the way you have styled it, and it looks fabulous on you, talk about a bargain! Well done!

  4. Beautiful and colorful dress. love it !

  5. the feather print is a nice substitute as it look great as the florals. you look amazing!


  6. I see why you couldn't pass this one up, the colors are so pretty. You always look so beautiful!!

    1. Thank you so much!!! Yes I definitely couldn't especially after it went on sale!

  7. I love when that happens!!!!! Love the dress...i love how you can dress it up or down :)


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