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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

How To Use Pinterest To Shop Effectively

Hi Fashion Lovers,

Last week I touched on how to save money and stay stylish in this post. This week I want to give you guys a little insight on how to use Pinterest to shop effectively. A lot of people use it for inspiration and to waste free time when they are bored, but I have found it to be a very effective tool to help me shop smarter.

1. Create a Secret Board. If you hadn't noticed Pinterest  now gives you the option to make some of your boards secret. I use my secret boards to post things that are on my to buy's like my HUGE wishlist from every site I visit to shop. I have several secret boards and I organize them to make my shopping etc. The more you use the Secret Board feature the more boards Pinterest will allow you to have...I think at first they only gave me three now I have about 10.

2. Once you have your boards organized, then you can start viewing them daily. This helps me see which items would have been impulse buys and which items are still a must have like 2 weeks later. If I still like something after 2 weeks I LOVE it....most times with impulse buys, I'm over the item after about 2 days.
3. Let Pinterest Check For Sales. With Pinterest, you don't have to worry about checking back on various sites to see if the price dropped or if the item went on sale. Pinterest will email you and automatically let you know: The price on your pin  has dropped. I always get so excited to get those emails. I check to see which item it was and if the price is low enough I purchase it. 

I hope these tips helped you learn how to shop smart and utilize tools like Pinterest to do more than waste time on it. We live in an era with so much new technology, why not use it to our advantage?

Until Next Time,


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