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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

My First Experience With Shapewear -Hooked Up Shapewear

Hi Fashion Lovers,

Recently I had my first experience wearing shapewear. I know most people think that foundation garments are a must for any plus size woman but honestly, until recently I had never really tried any out. Whenever I felt my stomach area was getting out of control I would adjust my diet and exercise or just purchase clothing items that didn't require shapewear. I also don't like being uncomfortable and I always thought of girdles or shapewear being something that I couldn't breathe in.

When Tara Cavosie from Hooked Up Shapewear offered to send me one to try out, I was excited because I would get to try my very first shapewear and see what the hype was all about. For those of you who have never heard of Hooked up Shapewear, their patent-pending design and hooking system eliminates the space between your bra and shapewear, completely ending rolling down, back fat, muffin top and discomfort. Before wearing, connect the hooks to the back straps of your bra.  With bra connected, step into the shapewear and pull up the same way you would with a one piece bathing suit.  Fasten the closure of your bra...and you're done!

 I decided on the high waist shaping brief shown below.

Click here to purchase shapewear.

I would think that the thigh shapers would cut into your legs and be visible under certain garments so I opted for this shaper because I felt that it wouldn't constrict my leg area and that it would help smooth out my tummy under my clothing. I like my hips and thighs so I wasn't looking for anything to slim those.

After trying out Hooked up Shapewear ( I've worn it several times in the past month or so to make sure my review is not based on a one time wear)  I can honestly say I will be loyal to this brand from now on. The fabric is very stretchy and not uncomfortable at all like I imagined shapewear to be. I didn't even hook the shapewear to my bra (because I'm lazy) I didn't experience it rolling down at all. I wore it with my NYE dress and it was literally undetectable underneath my clothes. As far as the fit the hold is firm but it's not a miracle product and it won't take your stomach completely away or make you look 20 pounds slimmer...what it will do it give you extra hold and smooth you out underneath your clothing. Use the measurements chart to find your correct size...don't order your normal shapewear size because her garment sizes are different from other brands.

If you are looking for a shaper that doesn't roll down, doesn't look obvious underneath your clothing, allows you to breath and have a good time without passing out, and helps keep you looking smooth....I would definitely recommend Hooked Up Shapewear and not just because they sent one to me. I honestly really loved this shaper and would have no problems purchasing one with my own money in the future when this one gets old.

Have you tried Hooked Up Shapewear yet? If not what the heck are you waiting on? Click here to visit the site.

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  1. I so swear by shapewear. I was like you also until I saw an Tyra Banks on the view rocking her spanx. I thought if Tyra wears it, then I could wear it too. I havent turned back since!!

  2. Absolutely! I love shapewear! They're a pain to get on but whooo child! They do mu justice. The only issue I'll forever have is that i cant wear shapers that are not full body. If i just wear a tummy one, my booty doesn't let it fit properly lol

    Confessions Of A City Girl

  3. maybe we can follow each other? let me know! <3

  4. How does the split gusset work when nature calls? Does it open (and stay open) wide enough to avoid any unfortunate messes?

  5. It’s amazing how those shapewears could make one look 20 pounds slimmer instantly. And it's even more incredible that they no longer come with chokingly tight materials that would make one extremely uncomfortable, despite the curves it gives. Now you can show off your curves by wearing those body-con cocktail dress, without feeling edgy on the inside. These undergarments are truly worth investing in!

    Irving Morgan @ EmbraceBra™

  6. Buy many product of shapewear for women and much more under garments products in bulk.

  7. I love shapewear for women it will provides the instantaneous change in body shape without feeling edgy on the inside. I am addicted for the shapewear.

  8. A great intro to the many types of shapewear out there! The one beef I have with this article, though, is the fact that all the photos are of incredibly thin women who, in my opinion, don’t even NEED shapewear.


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