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Thursday, January 16, 2014

In My Shopping Bag -Striped Swimsuit

Hi Fashion Lovers,

If you are new to the blog this year...last year I started a series called In My Shopping Bag where I post things that I recently purchased. I figured it would help some of you because sometimes by the time I wear an item on the blog it's already sold out.

One of my latest purchases is this striped swimsuit.
Image 1 of ASOS CURVE Swimsuit in Stripe With Contrast Waistband

I've been coveting it for months and tried to wait until it was at least half off but when I saw the sizes slowly disappearing I went ahead and got it because I haven't seen Asos restock a swimsuit when it sells out yet. If you are searching for a vacay swuimsuit and want something inexpensive but standout u might like this.
Get it Here.

Are you already picking up items for Spring and Summer vacays?

Until Next Time,


  1. Love the stripe and color. I have been looking at swimsuits lately :)


    1. Thanks girl if I had your figure u couldn't get me out of a swimsuit! Lolll

  2. Lovely swimsuits

  3. Lovely swimsuits

  4. Uhmmm I think the whole entire world is looking at swimsuits these days. I cannot wait for winter to be over. your will look fab in this .

    1. ikr I was soooooo hesitant but hey you only live once! Lolll

  5. Good looking suit and the stripes are at the right place for me. You will look great in this and a good suit gets a lot of wear, so when it goes on sale get another one. . . .


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