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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Shoe Diaries: Snakeskin with a pop of yellow

Hi guys,

I don't have very much to talk about today just dropped in to share my latest shoe purchase. I already have these shoes in 2 other colors but I have them in snakeskin now. I only have about 2 more pairs of shoes before my newly renovated shoe collection will be completed and HOPEFULLY I'll be done buying shoes. *bows head in prayer*

Until Next Time,


  1. HOTT shoes....I love them. You know good and well you will not be done buying shoes. We have something in common and it is not a blog! LOL

  2. Love them!! I love animal prints with a pop of color!

  3. Oh um you doing shoes! I know you want me don't you. Lol!

  4. Dope!those shoes are hot,love them

  5. done buying shoes ?!!? lol thats impossible! those shoes are fab!

  6. Ooooh these are sessy! Can't wait to see you style them!


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