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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Pink Florals

Hi Fashion Lovers,

This weekend I had a BLAST!!! My Husband had a rare entire weekend off work and we most definitely lived it up!! My favorite color is pink so for date-night I pulled out a pink themed outfit.

I paired this peplum top with pink roses with a pink pencil skirt and my favorite black pumps. I love that the background of the peplum top is black because it made the pink flowers pop. Since the shirt is so busy my sunglasses were my only accessory.

I really do feel like a badass in these shades. Can't u tell?

I must say we had a great time and I felt fierce and fabulous in this outfit. I think this is my new favorite top for the moment. 

Top- Curvaceous Boutique (sold out)
Asos- Pencil Skirt (sold out)
Pumps-Steve Madden Dejavu
Shades- Azwell

Until Next Time,


  1. Super haute! Love the floral print of your peplum!

  2. Fierceeeeee!. love the floral top.

  3. You look so gorgeous in peplum, love this floral one...:)

  4. LOVE the second-to-last pic! "I am a uh DIVA!"
    Love IT! Glad you had a great weekend.

    1. Thanks so much Tammie I really did it was amazing!

  5. I want that this whole outfit girl ! very cute

  6. Really lovely floral top.

  7. Go girl, with your bad self. love this look with those glasses

  8. I love these shots of you! That top is ubber hot & you rocked it to death!


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