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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

In My Shopping Bag Series

Hi fashion lovers,

Since it takes me forever to wear most of the things I purchase and most of the time by the time it makes the blog it's sold out I will try to start posting some of the items that I purchase on the blog while it's still available for you guys to snag. I'm gonna call this the in my shopping bag series.

I'm still in need of more tops for my wardrobe and I'm still obsessed with peplum EVERYTHING so when I saw this top on the F21 site I had to get it. 14.00??!! It was a no brainer. It was on the site in the dress form some months ago and it sold out before I was able to get one so I definitely wasn't going to miss out on this time around.

I will be rocking this with pencil skirts, jeans, and pretty much everything and I like that it can go from the office to date night with the hubby.

What was the last purchase you made?

Until Next Time,


  1. I believe the collection was called Pennywise on, there were 5 little black dresses. I bought the "curvy" one about a week ago, it was on sale for $15, also the tribal print slacks from by Plus Moda they were about $16. Really cute high waisted soft material, I roll them up and make harem pants. Forever21 has a cowl back sheer blouse I have my eye on, just need to get my money right so I can spend $50 for free shipping! lol, I love that top, peplum has definitely been on my "it" list for some time, makes my waist look smaller and my booty look phatter gotta love anything that does that, lol

    1. I have been eyeing those harem pants!!! Girl my sister and I will combine orders in a minute to get that free shipping lollllllll

  2. Glorious, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  3. This is a great idea! I'm trying to take a break from online shopping this month but I know you are going to tempt me with this series lol

  4. It's really cute. I just bought 4 new pairs of heels......#INeedAnIntervention


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