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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Shoe Pick of the Day: Camo Sandal

Hi Guys,

The minimalist 2 strap sandal is back on trend again and while I don't see myself wearing a pair of them I have definitely seen some hot ones!!! I was making a purchase on Steve Madden a few days ago and saw this camo print beauty. This shoe is the perfect way to dabble in the camo trend but keep it ladylike.

It's available for preorder now for 99.00. I think the price is worth it because it's so unique and Steve Maddens are always so comfortable!!!

Would you rock this?


  1. I would so rock these shoes, they are hot!

  2. Love these need these in my life ... Thanx for sharing

  3. I would definately rock them
    They're gorgeous!


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