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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Book Review: Let's Go Shopping. A Guide For the Fashionably Challenged.

Hi fashion lovers, 

Are you fashionably challenged? 

Being fashionably challenged is a legitimate issue for many women. There are moments when we are 
unsure of the right style of clothes, shoes and accessories to wear that will accentuate 
our body types. Moments when we find ourselves cluelessly standing at the cosmetics 
counter hoping to finally choose the right shade of foundation. Not to mention, the 
moments when we just give up and opt for a basic T-shirt and jeans, calling our look 
Letʼs Go Shopping: A Guide for the Fashionably Challenged will teach you all the hidden 
secrets of the fashion elite by showing you how to shop, dress and style your body 
flawlessly from head to toe. 
If you are constantly looking for fashion and styling guidance or in need of a major 
image makeover, your personal stylist is literally just one click away. The unique, fun 
feature of this fashion book is that itʼs interactive. Simply click on your body or skin type 
and all of your personalized fashion, beauty and styling needs are right at your 
fingertips. Written in a fun, straightforward style and full of beautiful colorful images, you 
will instantly get a complete shopping, style and confidence makeover.

Tia Shorts, Beautivational speaker and author of Letʼs Go Shopping: A Guide for the 
Fashionably Challenged says, “You must embrace and celebrate who you really are. 
hen you recognize your inner beauty, only then are you able to make the right styling choices.


I read the book and at first I was like OMG this is all the same stuff I can google but she actually has some great tips on everything from clothes shopping to finding the right handbag for your body type even makeup tips. I didn't really learn much that I didn't already know about shopping from her book but this book is perfect for the person who is not a professional shopper. For anyone needing tips this book will be like your interactive best friend. 

You can download the book on your Kindle or any device with a Kindle app. It can be purchased on amazon here for less than 10 bucks. 

3 lucky Style4Curves readers will win a free digital copy of this book. All you have to do is comment below, leave your email address and tell me: What was your biggest fashion mishap? I will choose the winners randomly next Thursday.

Until Next Time,


  1. Hi doll,
    the biggest issue i have is when I shop for shorts. I have a hard time finding any that wont ride up in certain places lol! ;-)

  2. flats with capri, made me look like short dumpy mess!! Oyyy Shahama

    1. I actually talk about that very issue in Chapter 2: FOOTWEAR! If you are petite or have more curves on the bottom, capri pants are a definite no-no, and wearing flats will only make you appear shorter and wider. It's all about elongating your body, so wear skirts and shorts that show off your legs this summer and stick with a fabulous pair of high-heels or wedges to play-up the shape of your legs.

  3. My biggest fashion don't was wearing a bodycon dress. I never knew how to dress for my size and still dont know. I have a weird in between sizes size. Im short but i have heavy hips, no boobs but my arms are heavy. So i have to upsize shirts to accomodate my arms and upsize pants to accomodate my hips and buttocks. So I always end up with pants that are too long and waist too baggy and shirts that are too roomy in the bust area. Hence my reason for thinking dresses are the best option and only option if i want to look fab. But..., my bf pointed out to me that a bodycon aint that cute either. So ive been trying to invest in proper undergarments to tuck it all in. Im in Jamaica where plus size fashion options are limited so the help in that direction would be great. who said we cant be fat and fabulous???? i love your blog and fb page cause i get to see women who r fat and fabulous!

    Fat and Fabulous,


    1. Hi Jhanelle! You are definitely on the right track by investing in the proper undergarments like a good padded push-up bra to give more volume and lift to your breasts as well as a camiband or torsette to help slim your midsection and conceal bulging around the stomach. Actually, a good torsette can shrink your midsection up to 4 belt sizes!!

      You always want to focus on emphasizing the most flattering parts of your body and distracting from the not so flattering areas. Your main issue is the fit of your clothes, particularly in the chest and waist areas. Have you thought about having your clothes professionally altered for the best possible fit?

      ✦Try shirts with sheer or dolman sleeves to conceal heavy arms.

      ✦Use the styling of your neckline (high, wide or asymmetrical necklines) or accessories (bold statement necklaces or earrings) to bring more attention to your face and away from your hips and arms. Even designs,ruching or embellishments along the bust line will help to emphasize your chest area to give the illusion of a fuller chest!

      ✦Try jeans with a contoured waistband to help eliminate gaping or stretch jeans with elastic waistband to ensure the perfect fit around your waistline.

      ✦Look for dresses that offer shape to your midsection, expose more of your neckline (like a deep scoop-neck), and highlight your legs. Nothing too short as it will make you appear heavier and unbalanced on the bottom. Good luck!

    2. Thanks for the tips Tia! I apprecite it. I recently purchased a peplum top which fits great as it has a deep scoop neckline and the flirty hemline which accentuates my hips while giving the illusion of a slimmer waist. I have tried some skater skirt dresses which seem to be flattering but im not too sure what a torsette is..., and what are the best brands. I may have to try and order online. We dont have many of these options in Jamaica.


    3. I'd never heard of a "torsette"...thanks Tia Short

  4. My biggest fashion challenge right now is keeping my style while pregnant. I'm at six months now and haven't been able to wear heels for 3 months. My feet are so swollen that I have to stick to wearing flip flops everyday. It's been hard dressing the way I'm use to without heels. But I'm doing it for my baby (no Snookie here; falling while preggos)
    Tea Todd

  5. My biggest fashion challenge is finding "key" pieces for my wardrobe. I don't know what staple items should be in my closet so that I can always be able to grab different pieces out my closet to create different wardrobes everyday.

    Also, I am 5'0, plus size, DDD bra-size, have a short torso with a plump mid-section (I have a 10 month-old son), and short legs...I'm often challenged when it comes to buying maxi dresses (too long); also finding the correct bra that will hold my "girls" up. I have droopy breasts and I need a bra that will lift me, but it's often hard to find stylish and comfortable push-up bras for my bust size.

    Patricia Williams

  6. My biggest fashion mishap is wearing the oversized shirts and tees that are in now, i had to learn that my body isnt shaped to wear something thats already big, only making me LOOK EVEN BIGGER lol!

    ashley walton,


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