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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Shoe Diaries: New Addition

Hi Guys!!!

As you guys know I'm a SHOE fanatic!!!! At one point I stopped posting my new shoes mainly because I get so many I thought it would get boring for you guys and secondly because I'm really not a Haul person. I prefer to wait until I wear things to show you guys my items but these are my new faves and since I have no idea when I'm going to wear them I wanted to show you guys. My fiance got these as a just because gift and that makes me love them even more. He knows I'm not a fan of getting gifts on consumer Holidays so he prefers to get me gifts year round that he knows that I will love and he can never go wrong with shoes :)

I love these because I am OBSESSED with leopard print!! The fact that they are 6 inches high but still comfy (for me) is a major win and the fact that they look almost identical to those Giuseppe's I wanted so bad. I have no idea why they look so huge because I wear a 7.5/8 shoe.

Sam Edelman Alexa - $150.00

Aren't they gorgeous!!!! I love them so much I'm trying to persuade him to get them for me in black too :) I'm sure I will have these in black sometime soon :)

Until Next Time,


  1. OMG!!!!!
    These are absolutely gorgeous I'm in LOVE!!!!!!!!


  2. oh so hot! your fiance has good taste. lucky girl

  3. Those leopard shoes are to die for, love the heel

  4. Oh I really like those a lot you can pair them with so many things

  5. They're gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Those are BAD and men like your fiancee need to be cloned and spread about the free world!
    -The End

    1. Thanks Tammie!!!!!!!!! My opinion may be biased but I definitely agree!!!!

  7. I would never be able to walk in these but they are adorable.

  8. SEXY heels
    x the cookies

  9. Omg I absolutely love these and they are in my favorite print!



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