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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Leather Peplum for Curves? Yes Please

Hi guys!!

I am currently suffering from a sinus infection and debated on making this a post about not blogging for the rest of the week but since I was already online I decided to share a find with u guys today. I know a lot of us curvy girls love the peplum trend since it is so forgiving of our midsection and since leather is in (and especially on trend thanks to Kimye) I knew some of you would be excited to see a leather peplum that is curve friendly.

This top goes up to a 3x and is less than 30.00.
Click Here To Buy

Rock it Stop it?

Until Next Time,


  1. Two awesome ideas together. Not curvy, but i would mos def rock.

  2. YES ma'am! I love the peplum look and this leather one is EVERYTHING.

  3. Rock it! Hope you feel better. Doing a great Sephora giveaway on Hope you enter to win :)

  4. I do love this top - peplum is my obsession, but I am trying not to do too I can over kill something - hope you feel better babes.

  5. Gurrrlll! I've been looking for a leather peplum!

  6. This is cute but Im kinda over peplum. I never really "gave in" to that trend. I know a lot of people looking for leather pelpum so I will def point them into this direction. =)

  7. Great buy... I'm digging Peplum!!!!


  8. ROCK it!!! I hope you feel better soon!

  9. rock it for sure! feel better :)


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