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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

White After Labor Day? ABSOLUTELY!!!

Happy Hump Day Ladies,

A lot of people are going back and forth with the no white after Labor Day rule. I think it's totally absurd, old fashioned, and a bit silly. The no white after Labor Day rule has it's place in History but as times change and obviously fashion is ever changing, I simply don't see the need to practice ancient fashion rules.

I consider myself a rule breaker in a sense and I often wear things that are not "supposed" to be worn by plus size women: stripes, large prints, etc. I will continue to break the rules this Fall and Winter and wear White as much as I please.

Here are a few ways to wear white after Labor Day:

  • You can still wear white jeans, but retire white pants made of lightweight material such as linen. 
  • Pair your white jeans with darker hued Fall colors like Bugundy or Hunter Green. 
  • Black and White will always be a classic so pair your white jeans with a black turtleneck for a classic look. 
  • Wear winter accessories with your white: Dark colored Scarves, Purses, Fedoras, and Boots. I LOVE gold accessories in the Fall and winter. 
  • Pair a crisp white shirt with a fur vest
  • Try a cream Mohair Sweater and pair it with faux leather pants 
  • If all else fails, a white/cream blazer or trenchcoat is an easy way to incorporate white into your winter wardrobe!!!

What are your thoughts on wearing White in the Winter? Are you traditional or are you a rulebreaker?

Until Next Time,


  1. I am a rulebreaker! When it comes to MY fashion I make up my own rules. Who cares what other people think. As long as I know I look good then nothing else matters!

  2. Im a rulebreaker! Lol I just bought some white jeans yesterday!

  3. LOOL, Keep breaking the rules girl. We love you for it


  4. Lol white goes with EVERYTHING. So boooooo the rules, lol.

  5. I love white after Labor Day. Every year I manage to buy a white coat. I have two with the tags still on them.. I love white jeans but I will NEVER wear a white shoe EVER! I think it's a DC thing. we just dont do that lol

    1. Oh I feel you white shoes should be an EVERYWHERE thing!! I think they look like Easter shoes!!! But anything else white I will definitely rock!

  6. Yes! I wear white every season, love this post!


  7. I have a pair of white pants with the tags on them just waiting for the leaves to change colors and fall. I love the look of them with the fall colors. I haven't seen anyone stick to that rule in years.

  8. I'm a total believer of wearing whatever you want to wear when you want to wear it. Hence, if I want to wear white after labor day, I will (:

  9. The only rule I NEVER break in fashion is dress for your body type. I will be happily wearing white whenver I feel like it. Boom!

  10. I don't like rules. So, yeah, white, purple, pink, aqua marine...whenever I feel like it! It feels better to do you!


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