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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

StyleCrush On Emily B

Happy Thursday ladies!!!!

I just wanted to drop through for a brief second to share this pic of Emily B. If you haven't noticed she is TOTALLY my girlcrush. I just can't get enough of her style!!!!

Emily shared this pic on Instagram and tagged the stylist for this dress: MsDecordon

De Cordon Boutique is owned by Delicia Cordon. Here are some of of my other fave dresses from her boutique:

Do you like Decordon Boutique?

Until Next Time,


  1. love the leggings in the last picture!

  2. Great pieces, I love the Leggings

  3. Emily looks amazing, but I would never purchase anything from that shop. First everything just comes off as "stripper like" to me and second the website itself just seems thrown together. Just my opinion.

  4. For some reason, i can only see the first picture :(

  5. Emily B always be killin' them!!! Cute dress!

  6. I LOVE Emily B! I've been hooked to her IG ever since I found it!

  7. Cute stuff but way too expensive aaaah lol

  8. People ride Emily so hard cause a lot of the stuff she wears comes from asos or are body con dresses. Hey, if it fits her taste, i don't see the problem. to me, her shape is crazy. love it.

  9. Yes Emily is on it with her style. So look forward to January for the new season to air. Also DeCordon is from my area seen her at a few clubs and her tight style is also on point.



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