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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Shoe Diaries: Leopard Loafer Lovin

Happy Hump Day Loves,

Last season, I did not jump on the loafer bandwagon mainly because I don't normally rock flats. I am trying to push myself outside of my comfort zone and incorporate wedges and flats into my workwear and casual wear wardrobe to change things up a bit. I also plan on wearing loafers when I'm out and about handling wedding errands.

I don't like to sacrifice style for comfort, so I definitely want to build up a really nice collection of flats that are comfy but stylish. I want the basic colors as well but I am mainly looking for prints that appeal to my eye. I LOVE animal print so when I saw these Report loafers at my local Ross Store for 14.99 as opposed to the retail price of 60.00 I JUMPED on it!!!!!!

One thing I noticed is that you get what you pay for with shoes. I recently bought an inexpensive pair of black loafers and they are comfy but I can't see them lasting more than 6 months with regular wear. These loafers are sturdy and better quality and I can tell that they will last for seasons to come. So ladies, check out Ross for great quality but affordable prices!! Btw I noticed that with flats I have to go up a 1/2 size or sometimes even a whole size for them to be comfy to me.

Loafers- Ross

What do you think? What style steals have you found lately?

Until Next Time,


  1. I would love to wear more loafers but they hurt. I haven't found a comfortable pair for a few years. I've seen tons of really cute ones though.

  2. I like Reports flats, comfy and quality. Love me some Ross too. Nice buy chica.

  3. I love my leopard flats but they hurt my feet like nobody's business!

  4. Yea most flats tend to not have any support. I'm a wedge girl. But these loafers are super cute

  5. I like them and I'm feeling that tip about sizing up!

  6. I saw those and I was on the fence...I may have to style snatch you on this one! LOVE!

  7. love them leopard is my fave print

  8. Fab deal! Love the leopard print style!

  9. I need those in my life ASAP!


  10. i love those!!as much as i love leopard and loafers I haven't found a pair to purchase yet!!

  11. i dont know why i am always uncomfortable with shoes without socks like boat shoes, well IMHO, sweating too much feet


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