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Friday, September 14, 2012

MAC Fall Lippie Wishlist

Happy Friday!!!

I have been craving colored lipsticks for Fall lately!!! I like a clear lip during Summer months since I tend to keep it super colorful but as the Fall and Winter Set In I want to vamp up the lipcolor a bit as my clothes get less colorful........

Here are a few things on my wishlist:

Mac Rebel

Mac Cyber

MAC Freshbrew (I need a nude lippie BAD)

Mac Up The Amp

These are just a few of the lippies I want. Which ones are you craving?

Until Next Time,


  1. Love the Mac Rbel too.
    happy weekend gorgeous.

  2. I have the first two and love em. Cyber was a lil dark for my skin tone, but is a really beautiful shade.

  3. Love the colors, but I'm obsessed with nude lips and I'm running low. Guess who will be buying MAC Freshbrew?

  4. The freshbrew is all me, lol

  5. Rebel is on my list I'll have to try cyber out. I have up the amp. Honey love is a good nude one . Good luck doll. There's another nude coral tint I just recently purchased can never remember the name

  6. Mac Cyber has been on my wishlist too! It has an amazing finish and its so rich!


  7. Love all these colors, i need to make a trip to MAC

  8. I think I might have to try some darker color lipstick. I haven't worn darker shades since high school. I'm so use to nude or barely there lipgloss. It might be time for a little more color this season for me.

  9. i want to try out a dark burgundy/goth lip color for fall!

  10. Love these fall colors! I need to take a trip to make and try some of these out to see which ones like best because I'm loving all of them...but can't afford all of Maybe I just get a few...MAC can be trouble sometimes.

  11. I am craving the vampy looks right now. I only own a shade or two. But I have Up the Amp and I love it!!!

  12. Hey girl great picks! You know Divine by Covergirl is the PERFECT dupe for Up the Amp by MAC !


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