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Friday, September 28, 2012

Houndstooth - It's BACCKKKK!

If you thought Houndstooth wasn't coming back again this year think again. It is back and better than ever this Fall. I just wanted to share some of my top picks for Houndstooth right now:

Houndstooth tassel handbag

Dorothy Perkins Houndstooth Tassel Handbag

Forever 21 Pixelated Houndstooth Shirt

Asos Curve Dogtooth Dress

Bebe Leticia Pump

I hope you enjoyed these picks!!!!

Until Next Time,


  1. This print is on my list for sure. A true classic.

  2. Loving that Asos curve dress....Hot!

  3. It never left for me! I love the pattern! I'm on the hunt for a Houndstooth pencil skirt!

  4. The ASOS dress is cayute! I've got my eyes on that one.

  5. There are things that never go, and that is good.
    Enjoy your weekend, gorgeous friend.

  6. I think of houndstooth as a classic that never really goes out. That being said love your picks. Lane Bryant has this houndstooth wrap dress that I have been coveting, sucks being broke!

  7. Love the purse I'll definitely be getting on this season.

  8. I don't like houndstooth simply bc the rival football team uses it in their stuff haha. Those are cute stuff though

  9. I have that shirt from F21 and nobody where I go I get compliments. I love it. U should scoop it up if u haven't already ;);)


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