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Friday, August 3, 2012

Thanks IzzyGetsBizzy!!!!!!


This has been one of the longest weeks ever and I'm SO glad it has finally come to an end. If you follow my ffacebook page you will already know this but if you don't follow it, I just wanted to share with you a gift I won recently.

One of my fellow bloggers Izzy of the  IzzyGetsBizzy blog hosted a contest on her blog a couple of weeks ago. Now, I rarely compete in blog contest because I hate the contests with like a million steps to MIGHT win something that's really not worth going through all the effort to get. But when I saw that Izzy was giving away a 50.00 gift card to Forever21 and it was easy to enter I decided to go for it and really didn't think too much about it again until I got an email titled: YOU WON!!! I'm sitting there like OMG me???!!!! Are you freakin serious?!!!!!

I was super geeked and the card came the day before my Birthday. So THANK YOU IZZY for my Birthday gift!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I ordered 2 dresses and a top and I will be featuring on the blog in future posts so stayed tuned.............

Isn't this the coolest blog gift ever??!!! When was the last time you won something??

Until Next Time,


  1. That is a super cool blog gift! Congratulations!

  2. Yes! Love her. I just won a $50 gift card from her last month! Must be the Leo Love in the air :)

    1. ikr!!!!!!!! sooo cool that u won one too!

  3. That was a great win, and the last time I won was um let me see.......NEVER lol it is ok I will keep trying :)

  4. Congratulations and happy shopping! Just in time to start stocking up for Fall!

    ~ JuJu

  5. love your blog and shoes style


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