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Friday, July 27, 2012

Forever Pink Boutique- A Review

Happy Friday!!!!!!!!!

I'm SUPER excited because tomorrow is my Birthday!!!! I have been celebrating all Month but I'm still geeked nonetheless.

Today I wanted to review this beautiful gold choker necklace that was provided courtesy of the Forever Pink Boutique. Forever Pink is a boutique that sells handbags, jewelry, and footwear  at the lowest prices and the shipping is ALWAYS  free. This is what I saw when I first opened the package.

I am in love with anything gold right now so this was right up my alley. I pondered on doing an OOTD around this piece but it was soooooo pretty I decided to wear a black shirt and let the necklace stand alone so you guys could see the true beauty of it.

I loveeeeeeeeeee this necklace and I think it is very versatile. It's a statement piece that stands out but it's not gaudy for my Divas that like simple standout pieces. You can get this necklace for 13.99 with FREE SHIPPING...yes I said FREE SHIPPING. That's the thing I love about Forever Pink as well. Her prices are competitive and her shipping is lightning fast. I was so pleased that I ordered 2 more necklaces from her and got the last one of each. She indeed had the lowest prices on the Internet for the necklaces I ordered. Other boutiques were charging at least 10 dollars more + shipping.

You can shop with her here or add her facebook fan page here.

Do you like my necklace?

Until Next Time,


  1. Im becoming a gold fiend too! Thats a nice piece!

  2. That is a gorgeous necklace Dear love it

  3. Im obsessed with Gold too love it

  4. That necklace is very pretty! Happy early birthday!!!

  5. Great post: I like these pictures so much!!
    What about following each other? Cosa mi metto???

  6. I love that necklace, it definitely adds to any outfit. Happy early birthday, enjoy!!!

  7. Love it!! Any other awesome free shipping sites you know of?

    1. She is the only one that I know of right now besides Thanks!!

  8. It's gorgeous and you wear it well. Your lipstick is standing out too!

  9. Super cute necklace and I am drooling over your hair and makeup! Kiah

  10. Oh wow u wont believe that I found a necklace similar to this at the thrift store awhile back. Im gonna have to wear it in an outfit post!


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