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Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Look For Less- Steve Madden Dupe

Hello ladies!!!!!

Today I'm back with another look for less!!! I know cap toe heels are on trend right now so when I was browing the web the other day I found an amazing dupe. This Steve Madden shoe called Beautey is sooo gorge but at 100.00 might be pricey for some:

But never fear, I am here to the rescue with the dupe for only 30.00!!!

Thumbnail 165534

Can u tell the difference? I sure can't!!! Click Here to Purchase The Dupe.

I hope you enjoyed this installment!!!!

Until Next Time,


  1. Girl I really dont see any difference other than the 70 bucks that would still be in my pocket lol...Nice find!

  2. difference at all.

  3. Fabulous find! I sure can't tell the kind of look for less :-)

  4. love this show Great Find #2THUMBSUP :)

  5. There is nothing like black pumps- one can never go wrong

  6. Cheaper always good if the quality is good as well. Have you found a dupe for that "Rest Up" shoe? I can't see myself gambling $90 for a shoe I'm not sure I can walk in

    1. I usually buy the cheaper shoe if it's a color or style that I know is trendy but I don't plan on it lasting a long time. If the style is classic and something that I want to have in my closet forever I invest in the more expensive shoe as the quality is never the same with the cheaper shoes but they sure make it easy to keep up with trends on a budget. I definitely found a dupe for you and it will go up on the blog this week love stay tuned!

  7. They truly look the same! Thanks for sharing!


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