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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Guest Post- K & Co Breville Blender

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I was contacted by a representative from the K & Co to do a guest post on their blender since some of my blog posts are geared towards recipes. I hope this posts helps any of my blender divas:

Four Great Things a Blender Can Make

Blenders, like potato peelers and can openers, are one of those essential kitchen items we have come to take for granted. What would take hours of hard graft and elbow grease can be achieved in minutes in the blender.

While most people use their blender to make stews, soups and baby food, these wonderfully versatile kitchen appliances can achieve an awful lot more than many give them credit for.

Check out the following four creative and delicious concoctions your humble kitchen blender can make.

Salad dressings

Tart up bland and tasteless salads by concocting some tasty salad dressings in your blender. Improvise by throwing in some vinegar, olive oil, garlic, mustard, and salt and pepper, and let the blender do the hard work!

To achieve an even smoother texture, use a K&Co Breville blender. It blends everything inside the container with particular ease, achieving optimum results.


Smoothies are a delicious and healthy snack for all the family – particularly during the summer, when there’s nothing quite as refreshing as an ice-cold fruit drink.

From bananas and strawberries to mangos and blueberries, be as imaginative as you dare with the fruits you use. Whether you use fresh or frozen fruit, the strong blades will mash and blend it with ease to give you an ultra-healthy and scrumptious snack. For additional taste and nutritional value, add some yoghurt and nuts to the mix!

Alcoholic drinks

Blenders can be great for making exquisite alcoholic beverages and cocktails with a twist. Throw some hulled strawberries, a cup of limejuice, a generous serving of rum, and some sugar and ice into the blender until smooth and thick. Or, for a touch of Spain at home, make ultra-refreshing Piña Coladas by blending pineapple juice with rum, coconut milk and ice. Just don’t bother to cut and peel the fruit – a powerful, multi-tasking blender is able to cut, blend and smooth in the blink of an eye.


Soups can be made quickly and easily in a blender, and come out thick and creamy – without the need to add any cream. Simply use some carrots, tomatoes, celery, onion and garlic, and experiment with different spices such as basil, dill and oregano. And there you have it – mouth-watering carrot and tomato soup with none of the hard work! 

Post Credit: Catherine Lavinia

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  1. I love making smoothies in my blender. I've actually never tried making salad dressing! I definitely have to try

  2. I'll take a glass of smoothie please


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