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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Organization Feature

Hello ladies,

I was contacted by one of my facebook fans who is trying to raise awareness about her organization, so I told her I would feature her on this blog in case anyone is interested. 

Thick Thighs and All is a non-profit organization created by Makiahh M Hebert. Eventually it will provide a scholarship for someone who was bullied in school because of their weight. It is also a social group that aims to let "thick women" know that they are beautiful and they should be proud of the body they were blessed with. I don't know what others definition of a thick woman is but if you feel like your a thick woman, CLAIM IT, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. If your a man who loves your woman thick, claim that too. TTAA does not aim to down anyone of another body type, it is simple to promote the idea that being a "thick woman" is a gift that they should cherish. Anyone can be a part of this organization, whether you are a thick woman yourself, or if your in support of us thick women. I'm just one woman who wants to change the way many females feel about themselves. Please support me and my goal. For more information, please feel free to contact her by email at

Her organization also has a facebook page at

Until Next Time,


  1. What a super positive initiative! Thanks so much for sharing. We need to do more to spread awareness about bullying and loving thy neighbor! I'm gonna check them out!

  2. hun check my blog, i nominated you for an award xoxo

  3. Hey, you're on HuffingtonPost!

  4. Yes! Will definitely check them out.



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