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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Guest Blogger Post by Jackie Clark

Hello ladies,

Today I am featured a guest blogger post. Anyone who has a family member that battled with cancer will relate to this post.

Outside Assistance Bolsters Inner Strength

Even in the face of life-threatening difficulties, women’s inner strength and personal power inspires those around them. At times, however, that power needs uplifting from outside sources. Women facing life-threatening cancers such as ovarian cancer, lymphoma, and melanoma or
mesothelioma cancer constantly face struggles--emotionally as well as physically. The demanding schedule of treatments and doctor visits, combined with weakness and nausea as well as continued responsibilities at home, school or work drains the strongest women. Inner beauty tarnishes. Personal power comes into question. Something is about to give.

Rather than giving up, women in this situation can find help from the fashion industry. Every trendy woman knows how great it feels to leave home, even just for a visit to the grocers, looking like a million bucks. When hair, makeup, outfit, jewelry and shoes fit together to make her look as though she stepped off the cover of Elle or Vogue, she can’t help but feel powerful and confidence.

During cancer treatments, pulling off an extreme makeover is an unrealistic goal, but a few careful purchases to bring back the trendy woman inside will do wonders to
boost self-esteem and inner strength. Doctors’ offices often provide the best place to start with the smattering of fashion magazines scattered about waiting rooms. Flipping through the most current of these periodicals will offer ideas for wardrobe updates or new makeup looks.

At home a casual search on the internet for hot-off-the-catwalk looks and chic styles not only provides a diverting afternoon adventure but also offers a batch of viable options for bringing style and panache back into a woman’s life. Some modern makeup looks are easy to reproduce without any purchase necessary. Today’s popular designs feature simple, natural base accented with a little bronzer or pale pink blush on the cheeks. Simple lash-lengthening mascara frames the eyes, and carefully applied bright lipstick in a favorite shade of red finishes the application process. Jazz the look up by stopping at a local five-and-dime for a new tube of cherries jubilee or deep raspberry lipstick for a fresh-as-possible appearance.

Other easy looks that provide a morale boost can be accomplished with the purchase of new, fashionable dangly earrings or a collection of posh fashionable bracelets. Simply taking the time to add these details to her appearance provide a woman with a clearer sense of her personal strength and vitality.

A serious prognosis offers a grave challenge to anyone’s life. Self-care is critical to beating the odds, and sometime self-care comes in the form of trendy styles and fashionable outfits. A boost to inner strength may be exactly the thing that gets a woman through the next difficulty life brings.

Check out the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance blog for more information on wellness.

Until Next Time,


  1. AWESOME post!!! I work with cancer patients so I can certainly identify with these issues.

  2. What a great post! I have the highest respect for any body battling cancer or any type of long term illness/ injury.

    Appearance and how you feel about yourself really does make such a difference to daily moods. I've been stuck in bed for 9 months with a few injuries to my spine, and I've been using fashion and pretty dresses as my distraction. My appearance is one of the few things I can control, so I can completely relate to this post.

  3. Great posts. I think this can be said to any woman facing any kind of adversary


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