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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Book Review: Skeletons

Good Morning my Curvy Divas,

I'm back with another book review on this Hump Day. Nothing gets me through the week better than an engaging read and I read this book in TWO days!!!!! As women, we all have secrets that we will take to the grave with us. Most people call them skeletons..but the thing about them is some skeletons refuse to stay buried in the graveyard and they come back to haunt us.

Jovanna...well that's what her new friends know her determined to keep her past skeletons buried but once the past actually locates her in a new city and shows up to finish what was started a long time ago her world is turned upside down.  Will it cost her a dream wedding and husband?

Santana married her High School sweetheart and was faithful for 12 years until boredom set in and her new office assistant started assisting her with more than office duties and introduces her to the dark side. Drugs, Sex, and Parties may just make Santana's wholesome image and picture perfect family a thing of the past.

Asteria has a baby by a mystery guy that she refuses to name. Asteria IS the skeleton. When the guy's wife finds out who her husband has been philandering with all hell will break loose. Imagine working with the woman you shared more than a womb with.

This book is the tale of three best friends and their skeletons. You think you know people but most times you only see the facade. You know your best friends...............or do you?

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  1. Cool review. I'm an avid book reader, as a matter of fact, I should have a package from Barnes & Noble on my door step when I get home from work, lol. This book looks interesting. Thx boo!

  2. Great review. I am in the middle of a series right now but am definitely looking for new books once I am finished.

    1. so am I I am always looking for new reads!

  3. Thanks for the review!

    Definitely have to check it out!


  4. All the more reason why I need to invest in a kindle or a nook..ugh.

  5. After reading your review...I bought it and I loved it but I am upset with how things ended! But it was a great quick read and it keeps you on your toes!

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed it!!!! I need to get back on my reading asap!!!!


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