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Friday, March 16, 2012

5 Swimsuits Under $100.00 for the Curvy Woman

Good Morning my Curvy Divas,

It's that time of year that curvy girls are scrambling to find swimsuits that are flattering. For us, time is of essence because the hot selections go first and fast. I always hit up places like TJ Maxx and Marshalls because a lot of time they carry plus sized swimsuits that are really cute but you have to get there when they are first put out to get the hot ones.

For those if you who aren't trying to find the crowds to find a hot suit I searched and found 5 selections all under 100.00 that I thought were cute. We all know Monif C has THE hottest swimsuits for curvy gals but not all of us have the luxury to spend 200.00 on a swimsuit.

What do you think of these selections? I hope some of you see something that you are interested in!!!

Until Next Time,



  1. I love the top on the last pic with the retro look. I'm usually a shorts and tank kinda girl but this summer I'm looking to change it up. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. I like the last pick, both colour and style

  3. OOOO i love the black and white one and the leopard print and black one!!!

  4. i love love love the colorful one piece and the last swim suit. I may have to check this site out

  5. You know which one I like! LOL :)

  6. I really like your block and your outfits! I´ll now follow yoU! Visit me if you want and follow me too=)

  7. I love the first and last suits :) They cover really well while remaining cute...great choices :)

  8. The animal print one is my favorite. The ruffles are too cute!

  9. Nice picks!

  10. I really like the red a leopard print one

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  11. Love, Love,love the leopard ruffles! This is such a great post, because I've recently put on a few pounds and I have been dreading shopping for a new swimsuit, but this gives me a few ideas.


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