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Sunday, February 12, 2012

What I Won!!!

Hey my curvy Divas,

On Friday evening after work I came home to find that the package I won from Full Figured Fever had arrived. She was having her one year blog anniversary and she held two contests. Take a look at my prizes!!

Fast Flats by Dr. Scholl's...I didn't own any flats prior to these but they are pretty cool!

25.00 gift card!!!

Supermodel Perfume by VS

The carrying case that came with my fast flats!!!

This was one of my first times winning a giveaway....well I won another one from another blogger but never got my items I appreciate Ashley for following through to send my items as promised!!!!! Check her out she is also a plus size boutique owner!!!

What are you guys plans for V Day? I know I'll be changing my hair up for Valentine's night so we'll see what I come up with. This week you will be seeing a lot of OOTN so stay tuned!!!

Until Next Time,


  1. Great shoes!!

    I am hosting giveaway currently, where you can win $100 worth of jewelery and bags...Just click the link below...I'll wait for you there :)

    Enter giveaway and win $100

  2. Those flats are adorable. I need to check them out. After a long day in heels, these are perfect to whip out and carry on with my day.

    1. They are sooooooooooooooo comfy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. That is a great giveaway! No plans for V-Day, but one day I will have a valentine. :-) Enjoy your week!

    1. It really was her other one was a 50.00 gift card to Lane Bryant!!!!!! Your time is definitely coming honey and I can't wait!!!! U enjoy your week as well love!!!

  4. Very cool gifts, I need to get into these giveaways, I'm enjoying those flats as well, glitter toes, a little sparkle to add to ur outfit

    1. ikr I'm definitely taking them more seriously now!!! I used to always think I wouldn't win one b/c I never win anything! I want more pairs of these flats now!!

  5. I love those flats. To bad they don't come in my size. Congratulations on winning (and COngrats on the engagement!!) This has just been your month so far!!

    1. Thanx hun!!! It really is I need to be singing that song.....all I do is win win win no matter what!!

  6. Oh wow! Congrats on winning! :)

    I have a giveaway on my blog.. it would mean a lot if you visit my blog and enter it :)
    Enter and double your chances of winning.. see you there! :)

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  7. *Throws Confeti* Yayyyy... to your WINNINGS!!!! I'm in LOVE with those FLATS!!!!



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