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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Male OOTN- Crushed Velvet and Polka Dots

Hello my curvy Divas,

For those of you new to this installment it's called the Male OOTD. Since there are not many male fashion bloggers that are straight I decided to do features on my fiancee and his fashion whenever he agrees to take pics. This OOTN was from an outing he went on last night to celebrate our engagement. I love that he mixed color, texture and print with this look. Since we have been dating we have always pushed each other to try new things with fashion.

Shirt- Belk
Polka Dot Tie- Thrifted
Velvet Vest- Belk

What do you think of this look?
Until Next Time,


  1. Very savvy!!! I bet the two of you look beautiful together and turn heads!!!

    1. awwwww thanks Anna we do turn quite a few heads when we are out and about :)

  2. He looks so nice :) Nothing like a clean man! Congrats again on your engagement!!!

    1. Thanx again love and thanks for your feedback!


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