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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

All My Single Ladies--- Valentine's Day Observations

Good Morning my curvy Divas,

It's that month again....yes February...the month where the newsfeeds on my facebook page are all about Valentine's Day. Some I read recently : I wonder what it's like to finally have a romantic Valentine's Day? ...I guess I'll take myself out to show myself how much I'm loved....etc. Now I have been single before and I know that sometimes Holidays can make much more aware of your relationship status, but stop with the pity parties. JUST.STOP.

Every relationship is not created equal so stop wishing for ANYONE just to have a mate. Some people are in horrible relationships...relationships where they may be verbally and physically abused, belittled, cheated on excessively when you are putting your wishes out into the universe remember the law of attraction. If your facebook page reads like a singles ad, you might attract a guy that preys on desperate women that want so badly to have a guy..ANY guy.

When I was single, I didn't think any less of myself because I didn't have a mate. Single doesn't equal failure in the relationship arena....I'd much rather see a single girl that is learning to love herself than a serial monogamist that jumps from relationship to relationship that has NO idea who she is and changes who she is based on her partner. Single is amazing when you are taking the proper steps to set your standards before getting back into the dating arena and being clear about what you don't want in your next mate.

In a loving relationship Feb 14th is just a day. A real man will make you feel loved and special all year round THAT'S why I say that Valentine's Day is overrated. If your happiness can be bought with candy, balloons, and roses you are not asking for much.

You know what I wanna see you single girls in? Body con dresses, sexy lips, tantalizing hair and sky high WERK.

Until Next Time


  1. She has spoken... now WERK indeed! Love it! My husband and I do not and never really have celebrated V-Day. And it is for the reason you husband makes me feel loved, appreciated and like the only woman on this planet EVERY SINGLE DAY! Besides, wasn't Valentine's Day a freaking massacre? That's exactly what it seems like sometimes with all the "woe is me" sob stories and pity parties. Celebrate being fabulous you! If you can't stand to be around yourself on V-Day how the hell is anyone else supposed to? LOVED this post, doll!

    With Class & Sass,

  2. Well said hun, I like reading posts like this that doesnt just have to be about fashion...knowing your self worth is a must! thanks for the great advice and have a lovely day

  3. this is so trueee !

    couldnt of said it any better !

    xoxo, Shariece

  4. Love this post. Very uplifting o us single ladies.

  5. Yessss!!!! I think you're reading my mind...I wanted to blog about this EXACT thing! Outstanding! I love it!!! Now if EVERY woman on the planet could read it we'd be making some serious progress! Lol

    1. ikrrrrrrrrrrr great minds think alike!!! I really do wish some people on my newsfeed could read it *sighs* lolllllllllll

  6. lol, now stop with the pity parties! LOL

  7. lovely choices and good taste.

  8. people put way too much on holidays..ugh.
    you pretty much hit the nail on the head..

  9. Hello,

    I came across your blog and I'm enjoying the ride! The post above it's just very well said!

    Greetings from the Netherlands.


  10. Even when I was in a relationship, I didn't make a big deal out of Valentine's Day. I figured what matter is what happened all those other days out of the year.
    I really hate that some single people just make it seem like Valentine's Day is THE worst day of the year. It's just another day, IMO.


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