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Friday, January 6, 2012


The Rules:

1. Post these rules. 

2. You must post 11 random things yourself.

3. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post
4. Create 11 new questions for the people you tag to answer.

5. Go to their blog and tell them that you've tagged them.

6. No stuff in the tagging section about ‘you are tagged if you are reading this.’ 

Blah blah blah, you legiti­mately have to tag 11 peeps!

I want to thank Chels of for tagging me in this game

11 Random Things About Myself: 
  • I own over 200 pairs of shoes
  • I despise women calling themselves  bad b***h...especially if they are 25 or over 
  • People always ask me was I born and raised in MS b/c of my style
  • Stephen King is one of my favorite authors of all time 
  • I wear a size 7.5 shoe
  • I used to be on twitter but deleted my account b/c I couldn't take the people really believing their own twitter delusional personalities plus I had people actually show up sometimes where I tweeted I would be (how stupid of me)
  • I am pretty anti-social....if ur not my sister, my boyfriend, or my Mom. I observe people before I ever say a word to them and people's actions speak louder than words so I stay to myself and out of drama. I'm too old to be making "new" friends.
  • I really enjoy cooking.
  • I have a huge family but we aren't close at all. 
  • I have one sister and one half sister
  • I'm part of a local bookclub and an online bookclub 
My Q&A:
  1. What is/are your favorite colors?  Pink, Black, and White
  2. What is your true passion in honest? Writing is my first love and music is my second ( I play Guitar, Keyboard, and Bass Guitar)
  3. Books or Movies? Books All Day....Movies always leave something out 
  4. What do you love the most about blogging? The ability to reach and inspire so many women all over the world from  my living room :)
  5. What is your biggest fear? Failure.... I am an overachiever at everything I do 
  6. Wine or liquor? Wine
  7. Where is the one place you would love to live out the rest of your life? I would love to live anywhere that's warm year round with a beach....
  8. Resolutions or wing it? Wing it.....I make resolutions daily
  9. Night Club or Live music lounge? Live Music Lounge I've pretty much outgrown clubs......I only go now to get out of the house sometimes
  10. What will be the ultimate vacation get away? Paris
  11. Boutiques or Mass Retail? Mass Retail...a lot of boutique items to me are overpriced items that I can find in retail stores, ebay or online for I feel like no matter where u shop NO one can look the way u do even in the same clothes

Here are my questions: 

  1. Do you still believe in love?
  2. Heels or Sneakers?
  3. Are you where you thought you would be in life by now?
  4. What would be your dream job?
  5. Would you consider to be social or antisocial?
  6. Do you have pets? If so how many...
  7. Why do you blog?
  8. What do you do in "real life"?
  9. What's your favorite hobby?
  10. Are u frugal or an impulse buyer?
  11. How many siblings do you have?

Until Next Week,


  1. You play three instruments?! I'm impressed. 200 shoes?!! Wow, now that's quiet a collection. Really got to know you a lot better so thanks for responding to my tag. For some reason you came of to me as a social butterfly so I was shocked to read u are anti-social...had to read that twice actually to be sure...LOL!

  2. Yes I do is my 2nd source of income...I learned to play instruments when I worked at a Blues Museum since they had classes there......and yes I've been collecting shoes since college....I used to buy a pair every-time I got paid smdh but now I try to only add shoes if they don't look like anything else I already own or if it's a color that I don't already have. I am open to going to all types of events just not with people other than my mom, sister or boyfriend that's why u NEVER see any "me and my friends went here posts" I have always been leery of people.

  3. thanks for dropping by..
    I followed back..

    Stephen King is one of my favorite too..
    I fancy your shoe collection..


  4. I am glad you shared that you are "anti-social"! I have always had tons of what I consider to be "associates" but they tend to consider me a "best friend". Now that I am a military spouse I have noticed that I do not open myself up nearly as much as I used to (making good friends and then moving away is no bueno and gets old QUICK). I am an avid reader as well...I like Stephen King but I have to put a couple of weeks in between reading his books (he creeps me the heck out), LOL! Thx for sharing!

    With Class & Sass,

  5. Thanks for tagging me, i will try do the tag this weekend xx

  6. I will def Tackle this one when I get home!! lol

    Question: I will be putting together a blogger meet up! would be interested? I know it's like 3 HRS but just let me know...

    E. Louise

  7. thanx ladies!!!!

    @ Ericka let me know when I'll try to come yeahhhhhhh that three hours is going to be that x factor lolllll I so wish I lived closer to SOMEBODY geesh!!!!!

  8. Fun Tag! Can't wait to see the answers from the other bloggers. I love tags♥

  9. Hi can check it out at : )

  10. Thanx Fifth and Sixth!!! and Giselle ur earrings are BEAUTIFUL!!!

  11. i agree with you abt girls calling themselves a "bad bitch"

    and I stay to myself also. i dont just go talking to anyone, too many people can't be trusted.

    I'm touched that you tagged meee ( : yayyy .
    I'll start working on it now

    xoxo, Shariece

  12. Whoop whoop my first blogger tag! Lol as soon as i get home im answering the questions!

  13. Aww thanks for the tag, and I to cant believe youre anti-social! lol but now a days people cant be trusted! and I'm going to do my response ASAP!

  14. wow over 200 pairs of shoes?? Oh my!!! great to learn more about you
    Check out my newest blog post: Wall of Color

  15. yayyyyyyyyy @ Kelly!!!
    Thanx Glo!!! Yes I am..........and trust me I've been some not so good people in my lifetime so I don't feel bad at ALL about being antisocial lolllll

    thanx Rach!!

  16. LOVE your blog!! & I enjoyed reading the random things about you. We have a lot in common. Nothing irks my nerves worse than for a female to call themselves bad b****es! I mean really. If we don't respect ourselves no one else will. I'm a beautiful QUEEN nothing less & I try to encourage other women to see themseleves as such.

    I love books as well lol! I have a mini library I own so many books & well over 200 pairs of shoes also lol (not sure if that's anything to brag about though lol I think I have a problem

    I'm adding you to my blogroll. Keep doing you love! FAB!

    Stay blessed!


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