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Sunday, January 1, 2012

NYE- What Emily B Wore

Helly my curvy Divas,

I hope everyone made it into the New Year safe and sound. I had a BLASTTTTTT!!! I will be sharing what I wore on tomorrow so stay tuned but today I am just uploading some pics of what my fave Love and Hip Hop Star Emily B wore for NYE. I LOVE LOVE LOVE to see curvy girls in bodycon dresses and she totally rocked this black and white look!! I would have loved to see what color shoes she wore ( I hope not red b/c that's sooo cliche) .

I would kill for my waistline to look like hers....oh well that's what New Year's resolutions are for right lollll?

What do you think of her look?

Until Next Time,


  1. IKR? Maybe she went with yellow, pink, purple or leopard! That would be hella cute.


  2. I love this dress and you and I both dream of the waist line. I would have done a bright pink or a royal blue shoe

  3. Happy new year! I also noted the new header. Hope your 2012 is a great one. Anyhow, this colorblocked (or color blocked) dress looks lovely. One delicious diva sporting a lovely dress.

  4. @ Kurvaceous ikrr meee tooo

    @ Rose those are def both cute options!

    @ John thanx I'm glad u guys noticed it!!! I hope u have a great one as well!!

  5. her style is always on point! I spotted this dress on asos a while back, I wonder if it is still available.

  6. So stunning!! I absolutely love this look.

  7. @ Mousse happy new year to you too doll!!!

    @ Ashi if it is it will sell out super quick now she wears a lot of asos items she is really going to increase their sales

    @ Monique isn't it tho!! She looks amaze!

  8. LOVE her look! Although she isnt my favorite television personality (smh) she looks great...

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    Confessions Of A City Girl

  9. yeahhhhhhhhh I just want to reach in and slap her sometimes but I used to be her thank GOODNESS for maturity!!!!!! gosh!!!

  10. I am glad you had a blast doll!! I hosted a house party and I had a blast also....

    Wishing you a happy new year!


  11. she sure is Nikki!!

    awwwwww I'm glad u had fun as well Mally!!

  12. I love love love Emily B as well. I loved her look, and have to say Love and Hip hop is one of the few shows that has curvy girls repping. And they look so Sexy and Classy.

  13. I love Emily's style she is classic and trendy. She really knows how to dress for her body shape.

  14. they really do Louise!!!

    she sure does @ Bajan

    she sure is Cici!!

  15. Dayuuuum that's all I can say; I have always loved Emily B's body and she is the most elegant and stylish on Love and Hip-Hop I think; I may not like her and Fab's issues but I sure love her style and curves........Am hitting that zumba tonight. xxxAfeeyahxxx

  16. My thoughts exactly hate her relationship choice but it doesn't diminish her hotness AT ALL!!!

  17. I love emily . She has amazing curves and her clothes are so great. i love that dress

    plenty lovee & swaag
    xoxo, Shariece

  18. She's a fabulous woman. And that curvy clothing looks so fab.

  19. I love Emily B. Everything she wears is amazing!

  20. Looks fab. The bold print and the way the waist of the dress sits perfectly on the right places making her waits looks slimmer.
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