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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Jennifer Hudson Covers Good HouseKeeping Feb 2012

Next Month Jennifer Hudson will grace the cover of Good Housekeeping. I am so happy for Jennifer and all of her weight loss success, but it seems to me that some people in the plus size community are a bit bitter and angry with Jennifer. I have never and will never understand the outrage from some women in the plus size community when celebrities lose weight. People like Star Jones I have no respect outright lie about having surgery and then expect to be respected NO I will not consider u a weight loss success story. Monique screaming for years she hates skinny b**ches and then losing weight was pure comedy.  I didn't respect Monique when she was bigger b/c calling fat people fat is the same as calling skinny women skinny bitches...her behavior was tactless, rude, and to me Monique was the epitome of ratchet (personality wise). Jennifer says she used Weight Watchers to lose the weight and I believe her because unlike some celebrities who dropped the weight she still has curves and looks very toned which means she exercised. Star's skin still looks loose because she obviously did not exercise.

I don't expect every fat celebrity to stay fat just b/c I am happy with my weight. Face it: Everyone doesn't want to be plus size and everyone is not happy plus size  and for those people who choose to lose weight for WHATEVER reason I congratulate them for taking the reigns and doing what makes them happy....I am a weird case b/c I didn't become plus size until college but I love my body more with curves than when I was smaller. I do still however try to make healthy eating choices and exercise to keep my figure toned.

I said all that to say this: STOP the negativity..saying Jennifer looks hungry, like a bobblehead, etc (and countless other mean remarks I've read and heard since her weight loss). Plus size women encounter enough negativity from society...we don't need to be rooting against each other....anything over a size 10 is plus size so STOP saying this person or that person isn't big enough to be considered a plus size blogger or a representative of the plus size community. Jennifer looks great ...we just weren't used to seeing her this size and it will take a minute before we get used to it....I am not trying to lose this amount of weight but I am taking a page out of Jenny's book and putting my best foot forward in the gym and at the table this year when deciding what to eat/cook. The last year of my 20s is approaching swiftly and I want to be fab, curvy and fit when I hit my 30s.


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  1. Im very proud of jennifer.hudson. sometimes i get tires of seeing her commerciaals loll but happy for her. Everyone talks doown on her for ni reason which just seems like hidden jealousy to me. Great post girl

    And good luck with being more healthy and fit. Im workin on losing 40 lbs. Crossing my fingers lol

    Plenty lovee & swaag
    Xoxo, shariece


  2. Kudos to Jennifer Hudson for losing weight. Just because you lose weight doesnt mean you hate or dont like yourself. I recently lost over 30lbs and I feel fantastic. Being healthy & having a long life is my goal. Curvy doesnt have to mean fat and unhealthy.

  3. I feel where u coming from, people especially us plus size women need to support one another, because weight comes with several problems! why hate on her cause she wants a healthy future! Problem is ppl want her success but yet instead of congratulating they rather hate!

  4. I totally agree. Jennifer looks great and is happy with herself as I'm sure she probably was when she was bigger. They're just haters! lol! I tagged you on my blog by the way. I hope you participate. If you do, please let me know.

  5. Great post, Jennifer Hudson looks gorgeous!

  6. At first I thought Jennifer losing as much weight as she did made her look older. But shes looking good! What a great accomplishment! Thanks for the post!

    Fashion, makeup & Photography blogger.

  7. She looks amazing lovin her style

  8. I'm happy for Jennifer, but I think losing her entire family a few years ago probably was the start of her weight loss. Joining Weight Watchers was smart because you must always work at being healthy and I think she is pretty savvy. Her curves are celebrated and who doesn't appreciate that? I'm your newest follower! Jeannie at

  9. You really start to notice the plus size girls who aren't as happy as they say they are to be fat, when others in the plus size community start to lose weight. If you're proud to be fat, then it doesn't matter if your fat friend, sister, fave celeb, loses weight! It's really sad how a community that is suppose to be so positive, turns negative especially when talking about weight.

    Jen looks good to me!

  10. I'm really happy for Jennifer Hudson losing the weight and being happy with her new body. My problem is that there is a disconnect in her story from when she was plus sized until now. When she was larger and she would be asked questions in interviews about her weight she would defiantly proclaim that she was pleased with her size and didn't need to lose weight to be confident and sexy. I agree. However, after she lost the weight it was reported that she was unhappy with who she was as a plus sized woman. It feels nongenuine to me. Since she proclaimed to be so happy before and feels better than ever now why not celebrate where you are and where you've been?

  11. Thanx for all of your feedback ladies!!!!

    @ Brittany my sentiments exactly!!!

    @ classyakalychic when she was larger and I looked at her photographs she never really looked confident or happy in her pics....I have never met a person that was unhappy or not confident that proclaimed it to the world so that may have been the reason why she wasn't so open to the press about it.....but I do think after losing the weight she looks more confident and may have just now realized how unhappy she was when she was heavier. I just want women of all sizes to be confident and truly happy with their bodies.......she also had a TERRRIBLEEEE stylist when she was heavier b/c I never really like any of her attire I used to always wish I could dress her lollll

  12. I agree! She does look a lot happier and confident now... & thank God she got a new stylist!!! Haha

  13. Being fit and healthy is more important than being skinny. And your happiness supercedes all. Great post doll!

  14. Ive tagged you so check my blog for details

  15. She is truly inspirational. I love everything about Jennifer.

    Thank you so much for the follow, love. It was greatly appreciated and of course you definitely got a new follower. Don't be a stranger!

    Stay FABulous,

  16. I am actually making a post about being so tired of the WW commercials next week. I am not mad a Jenni she looks fantastic however I still loved her when she was curvier ( I don't know if that is a word) There is a lot of pressure on jenni to keep that weight the way it is because I am sure a lot of people look up to her

  17. thanx ladies!!! awwww Ciaa I have heard a lot of people say they liked her body curvier..I think she was beautiful either way but her confidence really shines through at the weight she is now..I HATED the outfits they chose for her when she was curvier..the WW commercials are overkill I agree!!

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