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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Yeezy Taught You????? - Amber Rose In A Wig

Hello my curvy Divas,

I've seen these pics floating around the Net for the past week and a half or so and here are my thoughts:

I adore Amber's curves but I think she looks MUCH better with her signature baldie cut.......this lacefront does her NO justice.......she actually looks more like a guy in this wig than she does with her short hair........smdh.............Yeezy taught you Amber.........he taught u better than this :/

Pros: LOVE the tuxedo jacket and the tights.......
Cons: I definitely don't like both items paired with the shorts.....

Has anyone else noticed how much better she dressed with Yeezy tho? I am starting to think he was her secret stylist.

What are your thoughts on her look? Yayy or Nay?

Until Next Time,



  1. Definite nay! She's one of the few women that look gorgeous bald!

  2. definitely agree, she brings the sexy back in boldness loool x

  3. bald is beautiful in her case

  4. I agree, I don't think she shoulda had all that on together either.

    & as for the wig, maybe she was tired of everyone jocking her shit haha.
    but yea, that wig is not for her.

    it appears way too fake for me.
    even if she was some random person I didn't know walking down the street, I'd think she need to rethink her hair style.

    hopefully she will realize that wig isn't for her. i REALLY hope ha.

    great post.

    plenty lovee & swaag
    xoxo , Shariece

  5. She def looks way more cuter with her signature bald look. Maybe if the hair wasn't so darn long and had a real looking hairline she coulda worked it. But my vote is 2 thumbs down

  6. IKR her bald hair was really cute and I agree the hairline on this wig is not realistic at ALL....I like lacefronts with a bang maybe b/c most of them with no bang it's kind of hard to not tell they are wigs if they aren't really expensive...

    @Shareice I sure hope she doesn't make this her new look!! I'm hoping she was high with Wiz and just wanted a different look for one night

  7. woooooah, I didn't even know it was her. Never thought I would say it but you are right- she looks better with her signature baldddy look.


  8. YES! My sister and I both said the same thing about Kanye being her stylist.


  9. Nay. That's not a good hair color or style for her. I think if she got a better color and style wig, she would look great. I understand that she might be ready to switch it up because no one likes to look the same forever. She jus needs to try a few different things to find her way.

  10. I think so as well she is a beautiful woman I can def understand her wanting to change things up tho I HATE keeping my hair the same!!!

  11. thanx for coming by the blog and following. I'm loving your style. Will def. follow back. And a BIG NAy, amber looks better without the wig.

  12. Bald is her signature look and she should stick to it for now. As far as her outfit, I dig all of the pieces...just not together. However, I somehow think it would work infinitely better if she were bald and opted for a cherry red lip.


  13. Ur welcome MissJ and u are right stylebot this look might have worked with her baldie and a bold lip!!!

  14. I had no idea it was Amber Rose either. I'm indifferent though - as men we only focus on her body anyway.

  15. Oh her body can't be denied her curves are amazing!

  16. Lol....I couldn't recognize it was her at the first place, she definitely needs to stick to short hair suits her better...

  17. I feel you mos def on the pairing of the items. to much together. Now as far as the Kanye makeover? Yes & no. I think his money more so. He going shopping and her with him. I could be wrong. I could be. Great post

  18. Looks like she tried...and failed. And that wig is cray!


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