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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Perfect Makeup Brushes

Hello my curvy Divas,

Let's talk about makeup brushes today. I have been getting lots of questions about my makeup and how to apply it so in addition to my FOTD posts I will be giving you some of my beauty secrets. I didn't start wearing makeup until college but after I started playing with it I fell in LOVE!!! Needless to say you can have the best makeup in the world but the wrong brushes can make or break your look. I think great makeup brushes are a wonderful investment. I started out building my collection with the M.A.C. Holiday brush collections that always go on sale for 50.00 around October because I was on a stricter budget then but since those days the Sigma Makeup Brushes have taken over. They are better than my M.A.C. brushes, come with a carrying case and give you the flawless finish every woman desires. When I bought mine I got 12 brushes with the brush roll kit for 100.00.......I'm not sure if they are just sold out right now for the Holidays or if they discontinued the kit with 12 and replaced it with the 15 roll kit. At any rate, you NEED these brushes in your life if you love makeup and want a flawless finish.

Click here to purchase brush roll kit.

I also purchased one of their Kabuki brushes for my foundation application and I use it every single day!!!
Click here to purchase Kabuki Brush.

If you are on a really tight budget just getting the Kabuki brush will make a world of difference in your overall look and at 16.00 it definitely will not break the bank. If you have any additional questions about my makeup don't hesitate to ask and I will try to answer them to the best of my ability. I don't consider myself to be a makeup professional at ALL I am just learning along the way with trial and error and sharing with you guys some of the things that work best for me.

Until Next Time,



  1. Girl sigma brushes are the business. I cannot live without their blending brush!


  2. They really are!!!! I just wish I had known about them earlier!! OMGGGG

  3. New brushed are on my list of things I NEED !
    I have so much freaking makeup, and I have good quality brushes.

    but I've been in need of new brushes for awhile now !

    this is a great post !

    plenty lovee & swaah
    xoxo, Shariece

  4. These brushes are ok! I have the 1st original set when it first came out 2-3 years back.
    My only problem is the face brushes shred like crazy.

    They are a great set for beginners.
    But now I am on the reach for more quality and affordable brushes.

    2 Examples:
    In 2009/2010 Costco Kirkland Borghese 15 Brush Set for only $20.... These bad boys was great.
    The 2011 set is crap!

    The ELF studio brushes are bad as well.

    Its so funny that as i get older, I Make-up craving have change.... When I 1st started I was all into eyeshadows.
    Now all I care about is foundation and blushes.

    Also, I am more interested in affordable & great quality make-up, some brands I am loving is Revlon, Sleek (they blushes are the best), elf (mostly there brow set and gel eyeliners), Black Opal, Cover Girl Queen.

    Once I get a job, Make-uo Forever & NARS are I come! I really want to try there foundation.

  5. I've had mine for a year now and I haven't experienced any shedding so I must have gotten a good kit.........I tried an elf neutral palette and I was highly disappointed with the pigment......I want to try Makeup Forever and Nars...if u try them before me lemme know how u like them!!

  6. Thanx Shareice I hope you give these a try!!

  7. true! Love that brush!

  8. thanks for dropping by my blog and following. i'm following you back :)


  9. I recently bought Sephora makeup brushes and fell in love. But, if they don't work out in the long run, maybe i'll give these a try. Thanks for the heads up. ; xoxo


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