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Friday, December 23, 2011

Casual Thrifted Fridays - OOTD

Happy Friday my curvy Divas,

I'm coming to you today with a sweater I thrifted for 4.00!!!!!!! The weather got really cold today (for MS) and I just wanted to show you guys how I look on what I call my "down" days.......on days like today I don't dress to impress I tend to gravitate towards more simple but still standout look and I wear minimal makeup. You guys see a lot of my posts and they are going out partying posts or to events so I have on makeup but on most regular days I'm a lipgloss or lipstick kind of girl.....I like for my skin to breathe so I don't wear foundation everyday.  Even tho this is a typical jeans and sweater outfit I think the argyle print makes it really standout look. 

Sometimes I hate being pigeon-toed ugh!!!
Sweater- IZOD brand-thrifted/ Jeans- Superold (AND AS U CAN SEE I"M TOO SHORT FOR MOST JEANS EVEN WITH HEELS :(/ Heels - Joey O 
I didn't think to get a back shot but the print is all over the back of this sweater as well in case anyone was wondering. MAJOR shoutout to my boyfriend for being my photographer today lollllll I REALLY need to get a tripod like SOON so I can stop worrying him and my sister to take pics for me lollllll. What do you wear on your down days?? What do you think of my thrift find?

Until Next Time,


  1. Great find! I like argyle sweaters, too. Glad to hear that the print is both in the front and back.

  2. Thanx Vivi!!! I hope to find more argyle in my thrift finds I love love love the print!!

  3. Beautiful lady, as always. You look lovely, and your dog is cute too. :)

  4. love the outfit hun esp the fit of your jeans..werk! I also dont wear foundation everyday (talk about suffocation lol) I like your neutral makeup. have a wonderful day!x

  5. Thanx John!!! She's the sweetest puppy ever too!!

    Thanx for dropping by ashi and you have a great day as well!

  6. beautiful! you look fantastic! and don't worry, I'm too short for a lot of my jeans too! *cries*

  7. Thanx hun!!! I sooo wish I could find the perfect jeans for my height that stopped right at my ankle but I'm sure I could if I spent more money!!! #cheap lollllll

  8. LOVE IT! wish i had your fashion sense:)

  9. Thanx babe u can borrow some of my ideas :) That's what I'm here for :)

  10. You look really amazing...xoxo

  11. cute sweater!

    Merry Christmas :)


  12. thanks for leaving me a comment..

    thata a cute sweater..

    i am following you, follow back please..

  13. *googly eyes* please send that argyle/diamond sweater


  14. thanx ladies!!! Mally it's in the mail now lollll

  15. you look great in jeans!
    & im in love with your sweater <333

    plenty lovee & swaag
    xoxo, Shariece

  16. thanx babe I'm still getting used to them but they are really comfy!!


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