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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Thrift Find Of The Day

I LOVE LOVE LOVE thrifting...I usually wait until I put an outfit together with my thrifted finds to make a post about them but I see a lot of people like to see what u purchased so I am going to start posting items as I acquire them since I never really wear anything when I first get it ( am I the only one who waits to wear new things?......I dunno why maybe b/c I buy so much crap I'm trying to wear all of my old "new" things with tags and stuff still on them before they are forgotten about).

I went to a local cosignment shop (which happens to be within walking distance from my house........BAD for my budget) and found this like new pair of Jessica Simpson wine colored platform pumps with gold hardware. They are PERFECT for all and I love that shop b/c they ONLY put out items that are IN SEASON so u don't have to look as hard. The shoes were priced as a WHOPPING price of.........................*wait for it* TEN bucks!!!!!!!!!!!! OMGGGGGGGGG lemme show u guys the pics!!!!

I really LOVE the color!!!

Even more in love with the hardware!!
Days like this I am GLAD I shop both retail stores and thrifting. It's a great way to update your wardrobe :)
I hope u guys have a great weekend!!! I have NOTHING planned tonight so I'll just be home checking my Bloglovin :)


  1. Great thrift find!!!

  2. Those are cute! Jessica Simpson is really doing big thangs with her shoe collection. Nice.

  3. Thanx ladies!!! I still can't believe the price!!!

  4. These are gorgeous. Great find. Can't wait to see outfit pictures.


  5. love those very cute and great thrift find. Can't wait to see what you rock these with.

    Broke Fatshion

  6. Such a FAB FIND!!!!! BTW, I'm a follower; please feel FREE to check out my blog as well!


  7. Thanx hun I just followed ur blog via Bloglovin thanx for dropping by!!!

  8. Isn't thriftily the best... I get excited every time I go :) these shoes are hot.. I rarely find great shoes, great find!!!

  9. Thanx Jarette and yesss Ms. Pretty it is omggggggg this new cosignment store has THE BEST shoes!!! Before they opened I hardly ever found great shoes thrifting!! Thanx for stopping by!!!

  10. They are gorgeous, I think I'm in love! lol!

  11. Thanx!!! Ikr I almost died when I saw them!!! lollllllllll


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