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Saturday, November 26, 2011

My Review Of The Strange Thing About The Johnsons Movie

Hello my curvy divas,

I know this video has nothing to do with fashion but after watching this movie I was highly highly disturbed but I think this movie does bring to light issues that families  tend to leave in the dark. Even tho the roles were reversed and the son was the rapist instead of the father, I think the mother's reaction is the reason things like this are allowed to go on. I wonder why when people know about things like molestation, abuse, etc they do NOTHING about it until it's too late. Instead of killing your son at the end of the movie, why not get him the mental help he needed when you found out he was sick.

If you know or suspect anyone being abused or molested in your family PLEASE try to seek help or get people involved that can help. It's one thing to not know, but it tragic if you know and do NOTHING. This video was fiction but hit very close to home for me. Molestation is a VERY serious issue that is taboo to speak about in black families I just wish more people stopped living in a fantasy land and started doing something about these kind of sickos even if they are our sons, uncles, aunts, etc.

This is the end of my rant I just had to share this with someone and get your thoughts on it as well?? What do you think of the movie? You can click on the video I above to watch it. It's only 30 minutes long.



  1. Ok so thanks to you, I want to see this movie!!!!!!

    But I agree! Generally speaking, I do not know why people allow abuse to continue! I think it has something to do with keeping up appearances and being terrified of shame and guilt!! Well thats excluding those who are just terrified for their lives

    Will let you know what I think :)

  2. ok hun!!! You can click the video link about and watch it it's only about 30 mimutes long!!

  3. I watched this Friday. It's definitely something else. lol.. But I agree with you, it really angers me to know that there are people out there who know that rape/molestation is happening and they just look the other way.. A perfect example would be the Penn State ordeal. It pissed me off to know all these older people knew and did nothing.

    Sorry to rant in your comments but this is one subject that always upsets me.

  4. No maam rant AWAY this subject upsets me the SAME WAY but most people just act like it doesn't happen or as long as it didn't happen to them or anyone they know that it doesn't affect them smdh

  5. Great post and review of this movie. I heard about this controversial movie and it's on my watch list.


  6. I hadn't ever heard of this movie. I think I will seek it out during the next holiday break.

    I agree. A person with mental issues should receive help, not harm or ridicule.

  7. Thanks for posting this

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