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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

MORE SHOES!!!!!!!! :)

Hello my curvy Divas,

Last week I showed u guys a pair of purple sequin heels that my boyfriend got me. These are also 2 more sequin heels that were on my Fall Wishlist that he got me as well. Is anyone else as obsessed with sequins as I am this season?? I mean everywhere I go I am picking up anything with sequins, color, or fur on it lollllll!!!!! I have to STOP myself from getting anything else sequin or my work wardrobe still suffer terribly. I live in Mississippi in a town where the majority of things to do are for people who are used to a more "urban" setting and I always feel overdressed no matter where I go but I will definitely be wearing these babies SOMEwhere I don't care how many people stare at me with the "Where is SHE going" eyes.............I sometimes wish I lived in a city with a TRULY upscale venue...but in the meantime I make the best of the worst.

Both of these shoes are from the Michael Antonio line. I LOVEEEEEEEEE them!!!!!!  What do you dislike about your city's nightlife or do u live in a place where there is a plethora of upscale events?

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  1. I live in Atlanta, which can go either way...

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  2. Thanks for stopping by...So I like sequins on others, but I don't know how I feel about it for me. I have a sequin blazer that I purchased last year around this time and it still has the tags on it. As far as events are concerned...there's nothing going on around these parts, lol upscale or otherwise. #smalltownproblems.

  3. @ Tia I will!!!
    @ Kandi when u start wearing them you won't go back I promise!! I love my sequin blazer!! Oh I was born and raised in a small town so I know firsthand!!!!

  4. Your boyfriend is a keeper girl. Both shoes are gorgeous.


  5. what shoe size do you wear? :o)

    These are gorgeous!!

  6. These are too cute! Girl do you at ALL times. Who cares about the stares. I do live in a city that has some upscale events all the time but even if they didn't I'm going to wear what I feel is beautiful and works well for me regardless. I'm sure you're gonna rock these heels. Can't wait to see pics!

  7. Thanx Patience he definitely is!!! I love him wayyy too much to let him go anywhere lollll

    @ Candyce I wear a 7.5 but if I'm in a thrift store or something and it fits I'll buy it lollllll Thanx!!!

    @Fashion Pad thanx hunny and I most definitely will I wanna be like Cingular and raise the bar here :)

  8. You are going to be shining bright this holiday season! Love it.

  9. That's so nice of your BF. It seems like he knows exactly what you like.

  10. Thanx ladies!!!!!

    @Vivi he really does he knows he can't ever go wrong with shoes or jewelry so those are always his go to gifts lollllll

  11. Hot, love the black and gold pair.

    My city is full of tons of night life events but its like if your newly 21 and you show it its taboo.

    -le sigh-


  12. I wish my city was full of night life events that didn't involve dudes with gold teeth and ratchetness ugh!!!! :(

  13. Those shoes are everything!! I thought I was the only one having a love affair with sequins right now. :)

  14. Sequins, I likey I am not sure if I could pull them off but I can't wait to see how you rock them. I am in Miami so there is always something going on but no one dresses up anymore for anything! So I just do my thing and wear what makes me feel comfy which most times dressy, lol.

  15. i luv da black n gold they r jus 2 cute


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