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Friday, November 11, 2011

The Look For Less --Don't Have Jeffrey Campbell Money??

Happy Friday my curvy divas!!!

I'm here today with another installment of the look for less. If you are looking for an orange Fall Statement shoe this is the right post for you. I happen to LOVE these Jeffrey Campbell shoes called Garrett........

But the price of 144.00??? Not so much.....there are some shoes that I will pay retail price for.....but if the color is something I won't get my money's worth paying retail price for then I will look for the knockoff. I have over 200 pairs of shoes (from when I was FOOLISH and paid retail price for everything) and after having to donate or sell shoes that I only wore once I realized if I had gotten the knockoff I wouldn't have felt so ripped off loll. So now it has to be something I know I can incorporate into my wardrobe for the longterm for me to buy the "authentic" shoe.

Back to this shoe.......If you don't want to pay 144.00 I found the EXACT same shoes on for >>>>>>>>>>>>.wait for it. >>>>>>>>>>>>28.40 :)  Click here to view the knockoff shoe.

I hope this posts helps some of my frugal fashionistas!!!!



  1. I loveeee this shoes !! Really pretty !

  2. The JC heels are too cute. But you did a great job finding a much more affordable copy.

  3. Thanks for sharing! I really wanted to have JC shoes but then again I'm just a student and I'll have to use a whole year allowance if I'd purchase one. Great blog! I am following you now via Google Friend Connect. :)

  4. Thanx for the follow Lovely B and ur welcome!!

  5. great post..great shoe...even better price!!!

  6. Very Cute! Have you actually ordered from this site. I am a little suspicious about the lack of reviews on shoes...

  7. I haven't personally but I've seen ton of bloggers that have and they had no issues. My boyfriend buys all my shoes but if I had to purchase them myself I would def get them from here.

  8. yesssssss! I am loving how accurate the look alike is for a steal price yesss!



  9. this r jus too pretty shoes <3 them so much!!!


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