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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Look For Less -- CoBalt Blue Wedges

Hello my curvy divas,

If you are like me then you are in LOVE with cobalt blue. I sooo want a pair of cobalt wedges and I have been looking all over for the perfect pair. Of course b/c of the color I don't see it being worth making a longterm investment on the "authentic shoe" so I found a dupe for my frugal fashionistas. I'm still too cheap right now to pay for shipping so I'm going to try to locate them in my city first before I order them ( I HATE paying for shipping.......I will combine an order with my sister before I pay for shipping lollllllllll)

Here is a picture of the Betsey Johnson cobalt Blue Wedge called Mixxy that retails at $117.00.

Here is a picture of the dupe called Judy that costs only $24.90.

Thank me later :) Click here to view and/or purchase the dupe. What do u ladies think of a cobalt wedge? I hope you liked this dupe find!!!



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  2. Love cobalt wedges.
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  3. I emailed u @ Feb Store and Patience I just entered thanx for dropping by!

  4. The BJ wedges are onsale right now at Nordstrom.

  5. LOVE THEM!!

  6. I love those! The color is so gorgeous!

  7. cute wedges! such a lovely color

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  8. Loving this pop of blue for less! Def. a must have for the season <3


  9. ikr!!!! I am sooo in love with cobalt!!!!


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