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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Weekend Check - In

Hey ladies,

Just checking in with you guys and seeing how your weekend went. Mine was pretty uneventful, I decided not to go out for Halloween ( WAYYY too cold and I HATE cold weather), so I pretty much stayed in the house drinking hot cocoa and reading :) I know this is a fashion blog but I am also an avid reader and I have decided to include books that I read as well for people that also may be interested in checking them out.I have both an Amazon Kindle and a Barnes and Noble Nookcolor but I mainly read on my Kindle and use the Nookcolor to surf the Net and play games. The book I read this weekend was called Twisted by Ni'Cola Mitchell. It was a drama filled tale of drama, love, lust, and betrayal. I read it in ONE day it kept me soooo captivated. It was confusing at first but it really came together in the end. If you are bored and have 99 cents to spare check it out on your Kindle.

I hope you have a great day and I'll be back Tuesday with a new outfit post!!!!!


  1. Hey lady!

    My weekend was pretty laid back compared to everyone who went out for Halloween. I didn't get much reading done (totally jealous) but I did watch the godkids which was fun. I did just finish reading "Earn What You're Worth" by Nicole good.

    It got cold hear in ATL as well. While I didn't get into hot cocoa (not yet anyways) I did have an amazing cup of peppermint tea with honey. So delish!


    FYI: If you ever need help with your blog template:

  2. Thanx for stopping by Mattie!!!! I'm gonna check that book out and also I will definitely check out your blog template info b/c I am a newbie and def need the help.


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