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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Male OOTD -- Is That Velvet??

My boyfriend is too macho to start a fashion blog so I'm gonna start posting some of his OOTD on mine. We welcome all feedback and constructive criticism. If any of u guys are like me...I love to see my guy all spiffy and I've been all over the blogosphere and it's sooooo hard to find male fashion blogs with looks u'd actually like to see ur guy wear!! If u know any great male fashion blogs post them in my comment box.

Velvet Blazer- Belk
Blue Collar Shirt- Belk
Bowtie - Belk
Jeans - Superold have no idea what brand

What do you guys think of this look??


  1. i've loved velvet since i was a little girl so of course i love this look. i haven't come across any male fashion blogs that i can remember but the fashion bomb daily usually features a male bomber at least once a week or so.

  2. Thanx for your feedback love!! Yeah I check fashion bomb daily but I've only seen like one guy since I started following them that I liked :(

  3. I think a really good male blog you can check out is Street Etiquette (

  4. Thanx I'll definitely add them to my blogroll

  5. This blog sometimes shows guys but this guy in particular caught my attention. Maybe you'll like this style-


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