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Monday, October 17, 2011

Fall Lust List

Even tho I hate Fall I am sooooooooooo looking forward to fall fashion….. These are some things I’m lusting after right now: 

  • Cobalt Blue Blazer
  • Kelly Green Blazer
  • Leopard Print Blazer
  • A Velvet Blazer 
  • An Olive Green Blazer
  • A Leather Skirt
  • More Custom Jewelry to add to my Jewelry wardrobe 
  • Leopard Wedges
  • Sequin Heels
What are some things you are lusting after right now?? After I get my items I'm definitely going to show you guys how I wear them!!! 


  1. woo hoo! blazers are hot on your list! I'm dying for a stylish cape! we shall see if i get it! cute blog! I'm definitely following you! I hope you'll follow me too!

  2. Ikr I'm like obessed with blazers just not too keen on paying these ridiculous prices they are trying to charge for the larger sizes so thrift stores and ebay will be my go to's lmaooooooo I hope u find one doll and I'm def gonna follow u on google too I've been a follower for awhile on Bloglovin but I don't think it notifies u like google does when people follow you.

  3. I'm trying to find a cost effective pair that don't look "cheap".....oh how I wish shoes were as easy to thrift lollllllll

  4. I'm on the hunt for another leopard shoe to have in my closet. And blazers are at the top of my list! Since seeing Lexy of Beatuyfash, I am on the hunt for a trench coat!

    Thanks for becoming a follower!! And I am definitely following back!

  5. Ur welcome doll!!!! I love trenches too I'm 5'3 tho so I always feel like they will swallow me up and make me look like even more of a midget!! I hope u find one dahling!!!!!

  6. Right now, Im all about Plum Lipstick..
    Whether its from MAC or Covergirl!
    Its so hot!
    Im all about blazers myself...or anything neon! :)

  7. ooohh! I'd love some leopards wedges and a leather skirt too! Siggghhhh

    Olivia :) x
    Wait Until The Sunset

  8. Oh yessss Covergirl has some niccccccce plum lipsticks in their new line!!! I found a plum lipstick for ONE dollar in a random Beauty Supply Store!!! I have to find out the brand and name so I can tell u what it is!!!

    oh yeah I hope we find them as well!!!!

  9. Lep print Blazer, purple blazer, cobalt round toe heels... Ummmm...Red Skinny Jeans...I can do this all night! LOL oh Thigh High black boots!

    -E. Louise

  10. I saw some thigh High Boots for curvy girls on Torrid but my thighs and legs are not forgiving so I'm kinda scared to order those and be disappointed :/ ....still debating!!! lolllllll

  11. love, love, love your list. Check out forever 21, charlotte russe and zara for some of your items. I want a pair of cobalt blue heels, denim vest and a new statement coat for the winter.

  12. Oh yeah a denim vest would be hot and I found my statement coat on a thrifting adventure!! It's a houndstooth knee length trench coat!!


I look forward to your comments!! I try to answer them all b/c I appreciate my loyal readers!