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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Eva Marcille To Star In Her Own Reality Show

Ok sooooooo is anyone as geeked as I am about Eva starring in her own reality show??? I am NOT an advocate for reality TV but this is ONE show I have gotta check out. Ever since I saw her on America's Next Top Model I was captivated by her beauty and I have never seen her looking anything but flawless on pics.

Described as a “docu-soap about four beautiful and successful best friends who help each other navigate the tumultuous waters of love, celebrity life and the entertainment industry,” the Eva Marcille Project will center around Marcille and her friends Denyce Lawton, star of Tyler Perry’s House of PayneNikki Chu, an interior and product designer and Kelly Marie Dunn, a talent and brand manager who has worked with A-list musicians and pop stars.

The series is set to air sometime in 2012.

What say you about this new show??


  1. I'm with you, I will definitely check out the show! Thanks so much your blog comment!

  2. I love the short platinum hair! =)

  3. Ur welcome Kasidy and I do tooo Hope!!

  4. Honestly I would have passed on the show
    Sounds like another attempt to extend their 15-minutes
    but I'm loving the premise, greating seeing young successful [black] females making a living for themselves...atleast I hope that what the show is about..

  5. I idn't know she's starring in her own tv show. May have to give this a look in!


  6. cool beans @ Glo

    @ spitting glitter........yeah it's definitely to extend the 15 minutes of fame Im just hoping it ends up being positive and not anything like that God awful BBwives shoes

    @ Sarah I hope we like it!!!!


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